Here is a teaser of the upcoming video we made at the Gathering dinner a couple of weeks ago, with Essence Lifestyle. I hope it gives a nice sense of the atmosphere, and whets the appetite for the full version, which will be ready next month. 

And for all those awaiting the launch of the Permanent Style annual, it’s coming this afternoon!

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Hi Simon,
Thanks for sharing! While watching it and thinking about the pics you shared yesterday related to Dege & Skinner’s party, I’ve been a bit surprised by the number of suit wearers. I’m not against it, mind you. However, I was expecting to see more jackets (blazers) on both occasions. Do you have any explanation for this choice, beginning with yours, of course?


Thanks, Simon! So, one or two notches up in the outfits’ formality scale had been called for in both cases. I guess, even those, who had showed up in blazers, had done their best to reach the highest level of formality one could with this item! It’s stunning how meeting the standards of formality even for events and parties remains somehow exacting!