permanent style book launch at globe-trotter4

A few Instagram shots from our party at Globe-Trotter last week, where we presented our Permanent Style 2015 book to readers and many of the brands included. 

The party was held on the lovely first floor of the Globe-Trotter shop, which opened on Albemarle Street a year ago. They have both vintage cases and recent collaborations on display there – one of which was the tote bag I have designed for them, more of which later. 

permanent style book launch at globe-trotter2

George glasgow at permanent style book launch at globe-trotter








Perhaps the best aspect of the evening was the mix of attendees, which several PS readers commenting how nice it was to chat with the likes of Glasgows Sr and Jr from Cleverley, Lizzie Radcliffe from Levi’s, James Eden at Private White, Anda Rowland from Anderson & Sheppard, Suleman and others from RRL, plus Cordings, Foster’s and so on.

Somehow such conversations are different – more personal and less commercial – in that environment. 

There are still copies left of the book (thanks to those who bought on the night, or had their copy signed) which you can buy here. 

permanent style book launch at globe-trotter5

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Hi Simon,
Thanks for sharing! By the way, have you noticed any country-leaning style between those who attended this event in London and elsewhere?


Hi Simon,
I was curious if you had seen the delightful film produced by the students at Kensington and Chelsea College and the London College of Fashion, entitled “Tailored Stories An Oral History of Savile Row?’
They interview 25 people working in various aspects of the trade, from cutters and tailors to finishers. From your previous post, I think you know most of them. It’s nice to finally put a voice to some of the faces I see on the internet and in the magazines. Apologies if this has already been posted before.
I’ve been enjoying your site and your contribution to the RAKE for some time, I’m also slowly working my way through your recent book, great job!

Adam Jones

Thanks Simon For a great evening. As well as the great book and setting it was (as you mention in your post) fantastic to meet so many people in one place in such an informal way.

In a couple of hours i have arranged to visit Lizzie at Levi’s and am also planning a pair of shoes with George Glasgow. My only regret is there was not enough time to get round to everyone.

It is one thing reading your articles and learning about the brands, but nothing compares to meeting them face to face. When buying such luxury and expensive items the relationship you have with the brand counts for a lot, and this really helped me start some of those.