Globe-Trotter Permanent Style tote bag

A little preview of our next collaboration here: a beautiful tan tote bag, made in the Globe-Trotter factory in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. 

The veg-tanned bag is made, unusually, from a single piece of leather wrapped around the bottom. Most consumers wouldn’t notice is there was a seam running along the underside of the bag. But I know you guys will appreciate it.

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You’ll have to excuse my ignorance. Is this not a lady’s bag??


Thanks for your question, Anon. Exactly the one I had in mind.


Glad I raised a chuckle ?. It certainly looks quality.


Another one who thought it looked feminine too but that would probably go for any bag outside of a briefcase, messenger, weekend, rucksack or camera case (actually that list is longer than I thought itd be)


Wow! That is a sexy and desirable bag. I’m guessing, per your preferences, that it won’t have a shoulder strap?

Suspect it’ll be more than I can afford to spend, but you’ve definitely piqued my interest!


Looks nicely put together, Simon. I would only question the length of the straps. It almost invites you to er…wear it on your shoulder! Would shorter handles not have looked more masculine? Good luck with it though!


Drooling here. When does it go on sale and what kind of run are you considering? And will you be hand-numbering each bag 😉


Hello Simon,

1. Any idea of price?
2. Chances for a bag in racing green?

Adam Jones

I have seen this in person, the make is fantastic and it is a beautiful design. Just basic and simple. i do sometimes get baffled by those in a nice suit then a nylon rucksack on their back.

Whilst it is not something i would ever need but it does make me wish I had a use for it. (I would just be walking round with an empty bag with car keys and banana)

Quite proud also that its made in my home town.

nick inkster


It seems you did not like my colloquialism, as my post seems to have been deleted. My personal taste would never lead me to a bag like that. But the key point of my post was the heritage of Globetrotter (no hyphen, as it used to be) who, for a period, made some wonderful leather attaché cases, the equal of SAB; mine is a classic example of one, which has an amazing patina. Now that they are going back into leather, that heritage may continue into the future.


I was also thinking racing/dark green would have been another good choice with silver metal. I’m looking forward to the details. How would you compare this tote to the Clegg tote you own from a qualitative standpoint? Having seen some Clegg bags at the Armoury in NYC that impressed me a lot I’m curious. Thank you for the post and again make my check book quiver in fear. ?


Want it but can’t figure what I’d put in it.