Michael Hill Drake's ties copy
Michael Hill, Drake’s

For the Accessories Symposium last week, we gathered together representatives from six brands that make some of the finest examples of their product anywhere in the world. 

I was also keen to get a spread of countries – we had France, Italy, England, Scotland and the United States – in order to provide different perspectives on topics such as hiring, training and appreciation of craft. 

Benjamin Simonnot Simonnot-Godard copy
Benjamin Simonnot, Simonnot-Godard
Tommaso Melani, Stefano Bemer copy
Tommaso Melani, Scuola del Cuoio and Stefano Bemer
Ann Ryley Begg & Co scarves copy
Ann Ryley, Begg & Co
Guillaume Clerc Maison Bourgeat glasses copy
Guillaume Clerc, Maison Bourgeat
William Abraham Bram Frankel socks copy
Bram Frankel, William Abraham


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Looks great Simon.
I am going off to Italy soon for a couple of months to travel/enjoy life. If I cannot afford to go bespoke are there any factory stores worth visiting that you know of? I know there are good quality makers such as Caruso, Mabro etc… But are there places on can hunt for a bargain?


If you go to Rome I recommend Sartoria Carbone near the Vatican. The bespoke dude have made a piece about him


Marv, thanks Simone & Simon.


You just mentioned the United States in your blog.
I think that’s a first !
Would be interested to hear your thoughts on “Permanent Style and the US” sometime.

Reuven Lax

I’ve found high-quality US makers hard to discover when they exist, often word of mouth is best. For instance, I recently stumbled across these guys http://www.blacksheephatworks.com/BLACK_SHEEP_HAT_WORKS.html – high-quality, hand-built hats – however would not have known about them without the grapevine.

Jamie McP

Do you know when the interview on Monocle will be on? I was listening to the Section d special from Pitti and they didn’t mention you


what would be the most versatile colour for a v neck sweater? Other than navy.


even with mid grey or light gray flannell trousers?

James Hoosier


I am just starting out on my sartorial journey at a company in the US after leaving a job in finance. I have become completely obsessed with the bespoke world. What book would you suggest that I read (I already read Style & the Man) to learn the most about bespoke suit tailoring?

Thank you so much for your guidance.

James Hoosier

Thank you so much! Any advice on moonlighting at a bespoke tailor to gain more experience?

James Hoosier

That definitely makes sense. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I hope you have a great weekend.