Short-sleeve Friday Polos are back!

Wednesday, May 17th 2017
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*Please check the Shop page for stock. Some size/colour combinations now sold out*

I'm pleased to say that the short-sleeved permutation of our highly popular Friday Polos are available again in the Permanent Style shop

It's been a year since these were available last - and like last time, only 100 have been made, so they're likely to sell quickly. 

The shirts are available in navy and light grey (again, like last time) and differ only from the regular Friday Polos in having short sleeves and a slightly shorter, squared-off bottom. This enables them to be worn pretty well either tucked in or tucked out. 

Friday Polos have been a perennial favourite on Permanent Style since they were launched in 2015, and frequently sell out within a few weeks of launch. 

The short-sleeve version has only been available once before, in July 2016. This year it has been produced earlier in the summer, in reaction to customer requests.

The shirt was created to work perfectly with tailoring, and therefore has a high, two-piece collar and a hand-attached sleeve. The short-sleeve version also has nice sartorial details like a simple turned-back finish to the sleeve - rather than the tight ribbing that other polos frequently use. 

They are all made in Naples, in a workshop overseen by bespoke shirtmaker Luca Avitabile. 

We did consider changing the Caccioppoli pique cotton to a more traditional, thinner version, but the samples lacked the body and feel of the Friday Polo we love so much.

I also tried last year's version on several hot days we've had in the UK so far this year, and didn't notice any significant difference from those samples.


  • Two colours available: Navy and Light Grey (as pictured)
  • Four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra-large (see table below for dimensions)
  • Price £150 (ex-VAT)
  • Available solely through Permanent Style
  • Buy from the shop page here  
  • Please state your size and colour preference in the 'Notes' section


  • Postage is £9 in the UK, £12 in Europe and £16 anywhere else in the world
  • Packages sent by FedEx from Naples (tracking number available on request)
  • Returns and refunds available if the product is in a resellable condition, although we do not cover the cost of return postage 

Product details

  • Mid-weight Caccioppoli pique-cotton fabric
  • Hand cut and partly hand sewn, all in an atelier in Naples that makes for several big designer brands
  • Cutting and work overseen by Luca Avitabile, bespoke shirtmaker
  • Mother of pearl buttons
  • Stand collar, like a shirt, to help it sit under tailored jackets
  • Slots in the collar for shirt-stays
  • Squared off tail and front, but a touch longer than most polos
  • Shirts will not shrink when washed, but should expand slightly in the waist. Do wash cool and line dry


  • The shirts have a moderately slim fit
  • I am wearing a medium and have a 38-inch chest
  • If you are unsure about fit, we recommend comparing the measurements below to a polo shirt you currently own. They are in centimetres.


            Chest      Waist         Yoke        Body length

S           102             92                40                  70

M          106            96                 44                 71.5

L           116             106               48                  73.5

XL        124            114                50                   75

Photography: Jamie Ferguson


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When are we scheduled to head more about the Liverano?

Kev Fidler

Excellent. I love the long sleeved one I have; everything about these shirts is so much better than the standard, thin pique polos you see (very often with a hefty price tag from the ‘designer’). All we need now, Simon are a few of those hot days you recall from last year – must have missed those.


What is the jacket your wearing in the last picture Simon? (With the tape measure)


Is tucked out a phrase rather than untucked?

Would really like one but unfortunately your sizing doesn’t cater for the “portly” amongst us.


I’ve wondered the same thing regarding the proper usage of “tucked”, though not to make fun of course. Learning about the logic behind “untucked” has changed my perception so much that hearing “tucked out” just sounds odd to me even when I used to use that like everyone else. To each his own, perhaps?



Is the £150 inclusive of VAT?



Simon, are the polos you wear cut like your shirts or a little slimmer because they stretch?

Brian G

RATS!!! No racing green. Still, it will not stop me from ordering one. Stats look to be pretty much same as LS Polos except shorter in body. Simon, when do you expect to send out 1st deliveries? And thanks for all the hard work!


Is it your Caliendo Cotton Suit in the first picture?


Just taken delivery of the grey and love it.
There is a lot to be said for bringing some thought and excellence to the classics – my PS polos are my most admired shirts because they look great and people can’t completely figure out why.
Just don’t take any photos of guys smoking wearing one!


I’m in love with these short sleeves Friday polos. They’re comfortable & perfect for every body type.



Are these made in the same atelier / factory as Luca’s bespoke shirts?

Looking forward to receive mine Monday.



Ha! Delivery was quick wasn’t expecting them to arrive so quickly. Got both colors (no u btw) in Large. Nice job on these, it’s actually really hard to find nice polo shirts that aren’t messed up with a logo or some silly design choice. A collar that doesn’t go limp, hallelujah! Keep making these.


Received my polo’s today – super quick delivery to the US.

It’s my first foray into the “Friday polo”s” and all I can say is WOW! Super comfortable and great fit.

Thanks Simon


Wonderful shirt. Any chance you’ll do a run of brown / green in the short sleeve model?

Rafael Ebron

white and green would be great. But another run of grey and navy would be cool too. Thanks again for doing these, decent polo shirts are actually pretty hard to find.

Brian G

I also received my short-sleeved polo today. Great shirt! I live along the coast in southeast North Carolina, so it is hot & humid here a good part of the year. You need not have any concerns that the mid-weight Caccioppoli pique-cotton fabric of this shirt might be too heavy for warm or hot summer days. The shirt which Simon designed and fabric selected is perfect. Unless during the winter, I do not like to be warm. This is a great summer shirt. Also to note, I usually take a medium shirt, but take a large in Simons creations.


Hi Simon,
Do you have any plans to make short sleeved polos available again in the near future?