The next Symposium: Menswear and modern media

Saturday, April 28th 2018
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In this instalment we're going to be debating how fashion media is changing, and how it's affecting brands and customers.

Should be really interesting - and lively! Great speakers to be announced. 

There will also be an exhibition of tailors in a variety of cuts and styles, each showing off a piece in Fox cloth. 

Thursday this time, the 14th. If you're going to be at Pitti, stick it in the diary. 


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Does this mean we’ll finally get to see the elusive face of Derek Guy?


Great topic!
My family situation makes it difficult to attend Pitti but I hope that it will be documented in some way. I hope that you will discuss ethics and how to raise the consumer advocate perspective of menswear media. Too many writers are combining ”journalism” with pure promotion and even paid brand ambassadorships or personal brands. I think its less of a problem when its transparant but sometimes the articles are too ”admiring” of the subjects. I have yet too read a critical article about or tough interviews with titans like Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren or Luca Rubinacci. There are good reasons to admire them. But media should them like powerbrokers and not idols.
To summarize. Menswear journalism should be less lifestyle and more consumerism.

Phillip Walters

Hey Simon,

Any chance there’s a YouTube stream saved from this like some of your other symposiums?