Our next talk – with Edward Sexton on December 12th

Sunday, November 13th 2022
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These talks - well, interviews - at Mortimer House seem to be going down really well.

We've done two now, with Tony Sylvester and Ethan Newton, and the film of Ethan's interview will be up on Monday. There are some really interesting points in it and some fun moments.

Today's post is to announce that the next event will be on December 12th, with the tailoring legend that is Edward Sexton.

I've chatted to Edward many times over the years, but we've never done a formal interview or delved into his long history of bespoke. We did the Tailoring Symposium (pictured above and below) which was fun, but nothing one on one.

As per usual, please RSVP if you would like to attend - email [email protected]. Last time we hit capacity so it's worth getting in early.

Thanks everyone. Look forward to seeing you there

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Hello Simon. I’m a novice in tailoring but I did notice that shoulders on Edward’s jacket. I usually prefer and like a sloping shoulders on jackets, Edward’s seems to be more pronounced. Would you be kind enough to explain those differences in the shoulders of the jackets? I know it has to do something with padding on those jackets, but you know best?
All the Best for Edward’s Talk!


Hi Simon. Given Edwards excessive experience, I would very much like to hear how he would approach “muscularity”. In my experience, the clothes usually fits too close and will pull in various points; forearms, calves, etc.


That would have been fantastic, but traveling to the UK is not occurring anytime soon, unfortunately


So wish I could be at this! One of the things that fascinates me about Edward Sexton is how much in interviews former employees will talk about how much they learned from Edward — not just about tailoring, but how to interact with clients, etc. I’d love to hear from Edward about these lessons. Also, how has he maintained quality over the years with a changing cast of supporting players? What’s it like working with a new (to Edward Sexton) cutter, like Nina?
Anyhow, beyond the stories about the amazing people he’s cut suits for over the years, the wildest designs, etc. would love to get some of this insight into how he runs his workshop, what he tries to teach the people working for him, and how he identifies talent. Would appreciate any of these questions you’re willing and able to fit in, Simon!


Hello, Simon!

I hope I find you well.

I really want to hear your opinion on a question that I have always wondered about. What is better to get as a first suit? Rather a conservative cut with no so much padding and roping like Henry Poole’s, for example, or a dramatic, a bit sexier cut like Edward Sexton’s? (Peak lapels with a lot of padding and roping)

Best regards


I ended up giving a few suits by him away. The shoulder didn’t age very well.


Hi Simon, I read somewhere this was postponed…
Has this happened since?



Hi Simon – do you know if there’s a new date for the talk with Edwards? Thanks so much



Sad to hear of Edward Sexton’s passing. Plenty about him on this site, perhaps a retrospective in due course?



Thanks, good piece, thoughtful tone.

I look forward to Peter’s suggested article.