Onto all golfers some rain must fall

Esquire, May 1937: “Competitive golf, like the mail, must go through and it is heresy to wonder why. Hence the handsome umbrella and the rainclothes on the spectators.

The man on the left wears a blazer of homespun tweed with patch pockets and brass buttons, grey flannel trousers, brown reverse calf shoes, soft flannel shirt with attached lounge collar, solid color crocheted tie and the new willow green semi-sport hat.

The player wears chalk striped grey flannels, Norwegian model golf shoes, a light-weight taffeta flannel shirt with striped tie, an Alpaca cardigan and a checked tweed cap with flat one-piece top. The Alpaca cardigan has only recently won widespread acceptance for country wear but it is now often seen worn under an odd sport jacket on cool days.

Two of the members of the gallery, incidentally, are wearing the short oil, silk rain jacket and plus fours, while the third is wearing a raincoat of cotton gabardine.”

Some definite inspiration here. A navy tweed jacket, a good cardigan for golf, grey chalkstripe flannel. Perhaps the latter in a suit.
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For a moment there I thought the fellow on the right was holding a mobile phone to his ear…

Anyway, I love the idea of a navy single-breasted tweed with brass buttons! To me, it seems very conservative and unconventional at the same time. Just perfect.