Ultimate evolution of the ski outfit

Esquire, January 1939: “Watch out below – here comes the latest verison of the ski outfit, the definitive streamliner of them all. Its keynote is the poplin pullover wind jacket in the new fawn colour, with slide fastener at the shoulder and ribbed wrists, waistband and neck. The matching gabardine trousers are the peg-top style that fit into the top of the boots.

Especially cute is the new type sun visor which may be worn either in the position shown or pulled down over the eyes to serve as goggles. Baby sealskin mittens, a light-weight silk scarf and two-tone brown ski boots complete the outfit.

The main trend in ski wear, for reasons apparent to the naked eye, is toward this light-weight pullover type of wind jacket, worn usually with matching or contrasting peg-top trousers. Besides its light weight, the jacket is wind-resistant and show-shedding. All unnecessary pockets and gadgets have been purged for the sake of practicality.”

OK, I’m struggling for inspiration here. Perhaps the colour harmonisation between red/yellow scarf and fawn jacket. It wouldn’t have to be worn as a ski outfit…

*Apparently some people had trouble viewing the image above. If anyone still does, please tell me. Simon*
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Great. But now scarves are not suitable for skiing no more.

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