The PS square scarf is back! (With new colours and a bit of brass)

Wednesday, December 7th 2016
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The Permanent Style scarves that we introduced last winter are in stock again in two new colours, and available to buy from the Begg & Co site now. 

The two colours are grey and green - the grey is pictured above, available to buy here; and the green is pictured below, available to buy here.

We have also re-introduced the 'dark natural' colour we had last year, which proved to be particularly popular.



For those that missed them last year, these small, square scarves are woven by Begg & Co in Scotland - for me, the best scarf manufacturer in the world and certainly one of the most innovative. 

They are designed to be an update of the old men's ascot or neckerchief - a touch of luxury and protection against the neck in cold weather. They're particularly nice under a crewneck sweater, as pictured. 

Several things make them special - including their hand-rolled edges - but the absolute key is the Wispy cashmere they're made of. This is a yarn so fine it would normally snap under the tension of a loom. Begg use a patented coating on the cashmere to allow it to be woven, and then wash the coating out afterwards.

You can read more about the project here. And there is a pictorial post on how to wear the square scarf here


The perfect scarf ring

This year we also wanted to add a little bit of hardware.

One piece of feedback from last time was that securing the scarf wasn't necessarily easy to secure - so we wanted to create something convenient that could fix the scarf and even be a feature on its own. 

The problem with most scarf rings, though, is that they are usually decorative, fancy and gold-plated.


To counter that, we worked with designers Alice Made This to make a ring that was solid brass (and therefore substantial), tumbled (and therefore worn and matte) and highly practical.

The brass is uncoated, so it will tarnish over time (or can be polished to bring it back). The inside of the ring will also naturally polish with the action of pulling the scarf through repeatedly, creating a nice contrast. 

As a final touch, there is a tiny, beautiful teasel (the symbol of Begg, and a key ingredient in finishing cashmere) etched into the brass. 

The ring, like the scarves, are only available on the Begg site through a particular link - for the ring, click here.


More information on Begg themselves here.

And below, a couple of images of the 'dark natural' colour that we introduced first last year, and have made again. If anything it's the most versatile of the lot.


Clothing also pictured:

  • Grey scarf images: Bespoke pea coat from Gieves & Hawkes, shetland sweater from Anderson & Sheppard
  • Green scarf images: Bespoke overcoat from Cifonelli, cashmere sweater from Johnstons of Elgin, peccary gloves from Lavabre Cadet

Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man


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Brax O'Shea

Looks great! Can you please elaborate a bit more on the double wrap that you use to wear these scarves? I’m not sure about the transition between photos 1 and 2. Thanks.


Simon, have you replaced the buttons on your peacoat? It looks great. Could you (maybe on instagram?) show us some full pictures of the coat after this change and some wear? Very many thanks


I quite liked the previous brass buttons on the pea coat, although thought perhaps a pewter version would achieve a less military and more casual look? What prompted your descision to change them?


In the photos in which you’re wearing it, the green scarf looks like deep green, almost an apple green but a bit darker. However, on Begg and Co’s web site, the photo of it on its own looks more like an olive green (maybe a bit more saturated though). I assume the latter is the more accurate colour representation, and the photos of you wearing it are misrepresenting the colour?


Bravo !
Just ordered the grey. I love these things and Begg & Co are such a fabulous company. They even made me one in blue with a heritage spot.
The scarf colour in the shot that is in the background to the ring and box would also make a marvellous addition!
Not sure about the ring itself – a bit Boy Scout n’est- ce- pas?


Hello Simone,
I have a few scarfs from Loro P. And the problem what i am facing is when i am not shaved for 2 or 3 days then it is too rough for the cashmere and there are some pieces coming out or stringes. Are you facing similar problems with the Begg one. By the way how do you wash your cashmere stuff with special cashmere soap from Loro P. or you use different soap. Have a great weekend


Simon, I’ve commented before on the great usefulness of these, and also the new ones look terrific. And obviously people who like the things you write about on your website need to be prepared that great quality doesn’t come for free. And yes, I’ve spend a lot more than the price of these on other clothing items. All correct. And yet, I can’t help it: 175 GBP? Really? I’m not sure how much the last ones were, but I do feel betrayed here, and could not make myself buy them. Why would you care, why would they care? Fair point. I thought I’d still mention it though, if only to indicate that even the most ardent followship (if that’s an English word) can be spoiled by a pricing policy that hardly seems justifiable anymore by value for money considerations.


Simon, obviously I am not going to argue with you, and I certainly recognize the quality of the product even if my frame of reference is certainly substantially smaller than yours. I guess the one thing that does throw me off though – and again I only say this because I figure others might look at it a similar way, and feedback is a gift as they say – is that the proportions seem so weird, what with a full scarf of the same cloth (which at 70 x 180 has more than twice the material) selling at just around 270 GBP. Or less, with Edward Green currently offering Begg Kishorn scarves from 225 GBP. And I know the math is not as simple as that, probably there are machine costs to consider etc., but …

Anyway, enough of this. Nobody has to buy stuff, and I certainly have benefitted substantially from all the great product advice on your site. Enjoy Christmas, and keep up the great work in 2017.


Simon, I just received the grey square scarf from Begg. This is my very first wispy scarf from Begg, and I must say the quality is as you say it is. It is perfect for a cool weather we get even here in San Diego.


Hey Simon,

Love the idea of this, will it be back (scarf + ring)?


Evan Everhart

Hi Simon,

I just saw yr scarf ring! Interesting. When I was growing up, I used to spend the Summers on my family’s ranch working with the livestock and doing this and that. One of the “projects” that was assigned to us, was making up “Turk’s Head Knots” out of raw hide cord. A “Turk’s Head Knot” is a bulbous ring that roughly resembles a turban due to its interwoven strips and shape. We would wear large pieces of silk, much like the ones above or oversized bandanas and pull them through the knot. My Cousin used to also call them “woggles”, as did one of my other friends in the Boy Scouts. I am assuming that this was one of the terms for this item. Anyhow, years later I was reading a book on 19th century range life and those same items were discussed. It’s interesting to see how things come full circle. I still have my rawhide Turk’s head woggle ring floating around somewhere. I pull it out occasionally if I am planning on going Western riding in the colder months. I have also seen similar made from stamped silver with small to over-sized conchos on the front.


Is the color of the natural scarf brown, beige, or grey? It’s a bit hard to judge from the photos.
Any idea of when the square scarves might be back?