Some lovely new styles here from Cleverley – a midnight blue bespoke model, featuring burgundy laces and a burgundy layer of leather underneath the upper, so you can see the colour through the perforations. The lining is in burgundy too.

And secondly, a new ready-to-wear design, a lace-up which also features an elastic leather-covered gusset on one side. A design by George Glasgow junior, it proved very popular on the recent trunk trip through Asia.
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Top shoe; total dedication to beautiful detailing. Fabulous.

Dan H

Simon, do you think the popularity of side-elasticated shoes in the Far East (particularly Japan and Korea, more so than China) has anything to do with the constant need to remove one’s shoes wherever one goes (restaurants, home, etc)

Kevin Seah

The Singapore trunk show was a fantastic considering it was George Cleverley’s first trip. And the crocodile skins were a BIG hit.

Jason Lee

Awesome shoes!