There is an increasing number of websites selling good men’s accessories today. But while they are nearly all better than the bog-standard fare we had to put up with on the high street for years, the quality does vary. A new French site (why are they all French – Dandy Store, Chaussettes Rouges etc?) is a case in point.

Pochette Square, launched just two months ago, offers a good range of handkerchiefs at decent prices (€25-€45). While the ‘trendy’ half of the collection is unlikely to appeal to anyone reading this blog, the ‘chic’ side has a good range of basics in silk and linen mixes with some original patterns thrown in.

Having seen a few of them, I can speak to the quality of the materials. The linen and linen/cotton mix both have a good handle. The silk, though, is perhaps not the best: the printing loses something in the detail.

There is similar variety in the construction. The ‘Thin White Line’ model that I saw had hand-rolled edges – the minimum you would demand in a high-quality handkerchief – while ‘Purple Rain’ did not. It was a good machine imitation of hand rolling, with the same swelled-edge effect, but it was not made entirely by hand. I am told that this is reflected in the price – the former is €45 and the latter €30.

It is also fair to say that the size is not ideal. They measure 13 inches to a side, where the best hanks would be 16 or 17 inches. Helps them stand up in the pocket.

So a welcome and original entrant to the market (did you see the rabbit tail one? Apparently it’s the best seller) but with variable quality.
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I wonder why place such as Simmonot Goddard, Turnbull and Asser and those, don’t put their pocket square for sale online?
even Hermes and Drake’s have a very small selection on their online shop. Drake’s does this very annoying thing which you have to buy 4 pocket squares all from the same pattern at the same time. I always wonder who would ever do that.
I have a fairly large selection of pocket squares. When it comes to silk. Etro is probably the best you can get. Their designs are wonderful and also the main trick with good silk printing is that, you should be able to see the print almost equally as well from the both sides, something lacks from most of the Savile Row brand’s pocket squares such as Gives and Hawkes and Ede and Ravenscroft, etc.


I’m guessing these aren’t the kind of handkerchiefs one would blow one’s nose on? does anyone still make those?


Yes, how are these silks printed? Hand printing creates deep impressions that still look good on the reverse, while cheaper, laser-printed silks only have nice facings.

It could be interesting a comparison between english style and colors and made in italy ones…

Ray Frensham

I can recommend pochette-square. Their silk handkerchiefs are very impressive – although I agree with you about the size: they offer the traditional European size squares where as I we in the UK (and the USA) prefer a much more substantial size. Their packaging is impressive and occasionally they will have 40% off sales (that’s the time to buy).