Some pictures here of the second fitting of a navy suit from Sartoria Vergallo, in a wool/cashmere mix. Feeling much better now – as they say, the first fitting is for the tailor and the second is for you.

I can feel the shape of the jacket, which achieves that wonderful Italian effect of being soft in the structure yet strong in the silhouette. The length has been corrected in both body and sleeve and as ever I love the Italian shape to the breast and patch pockets.

More to see at the final fitting, and better photos hopefully – hotel rooms are not great for this kind of thing.

First post, with more details on Vergallo, here. Vergallo is a regional tailor from Varese, just outside Milan, that began visiting London recently. At £1800, fantastic value for bespoke Italian tailoring.

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looks amazing, when are u going to post pics of this complete navy suit?

Andy Barnham

Make sure you get a good photographer for the final fitting! 😉


A Christmas/boxing day fitting?! That’s dedication. Merry Christmas.

Interesting that, living in London, you like these “provincial” Italian suits. So does Paul Smith, who has all his personal suits made here in Lucca. It’s a great look and I’m curious to see the final product.

London Chap

Hello Simon. How is this suit coming along? Seems ages since the last update. Cheerio LC