As mentioned in a previous post on this jacket, Graham Browne used the inspiration of my Rubinacci jacket to work on an alternative construction to the half-lined jacket.

The same cloth (Harrison’s Moonbeam) is used in the internal lining of the front quarters, around the ticket pocket and inbreast pockets. Interestingly, although there is no pen pocket on the inside of the right forepart (above), the stepped lining is retained for the sake of consistency.

The patch pockets have more shape than some from English tailors, narrowing more towards the top and echoing the curve of the forepart, but the style is still less accentuated than on Neapolitan coats.

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Greg Hao

Simon, I’m having a difficult time with the last image. It would appear that the picture is of the jacket interior?

I see three pockets: pocket, ticket pocket, and the third pocket which appears rather low. Quite too low in fact, it seems almost at waist level, which means the pocket dips below that? Or am I getting the dimensions wrong?


Really nice! How did the chaps at GB react when you showed them a jacket from another tailor to copy? I always worry about offending a tailor when I want to incorporate the work of another tailor, yet feel no qualms if the style comes from RTW…


Simon, another great post, thanks a lot.

I tried to contact Graham Browne (thru their website) but had little success… I am trying to know if they do travel to the US as I live in NY. Do you know if they do? And would you have a contact info for them? I read your several posts about them and would be interested to try them out with a suit. Thanks a lot!


Italian tailors can always be counted on for interesting lining sewing. It’s interesting to see Graham Browne’s interpretation of the Rubinacci.

Simon, you’re always very good about putting up nice, clear, high-res pictures and I thank you for that. Any chance you’d be able to snap some bigger pictures? I’d like to see this in more detail.



do tbey charge extra for this work?


Hi Simon. First of all, since this is my first post on your website, let me congratulate you on the fantastic work you have done so far. Needless to say, it has been the catalyst for a huge improvement in the sartorial ability and appetite of many modern gentleman, and some rogues as well (such as myself!)
I have a question for you, which I hope will be simple to answer:
what kind of lining do you suggest for suits worn in warm climates?


Thanks Simon.

Sunney Rizzo

Hi Simon,
I would like to know who you would recommend me between grahambrowne and macangus wainwright tailor, about the first one do you know how much a suit costs and if all the garments are made in the workshop in London? I love soft tailoring and Neapolitan style, I know I live in UK but could they achieve that?