In the past few weeks I’ve been talking fairly regularly to George Glasgow Jr, of GJ Cleverley in Los Angeles, for some articles in The Rake. I find it interesting what his Hollywood clients order – given that few of their contemporaries wear smart shoes.

The answer appears to be casuals, so suede and slip-ons, plus one or two very smart pairs for black tie. And in this case, some rather nice slippers.

These were made recently for Mickey Rourke. He designed the monogram and picked the sole, in-sole and lining colours, as well as specifying a blind welt and very thin soles. Being an Albert slipper, the soles are glued, but the shoe is hand lasted as with any other bespoke pair.

Apparently Mickey has another pair on order, with red piping and gold initials. Plus a further 12 pairs of regular shoes. It’s better than spending it on Armani I suppose.

For Cleverley fans in the US, George Glasgow senior will be out from later this week. Dates are:

New York: April 19th – April 23rd
San Francisco: April 25th & 26th
Beverly Hills: April 27th, 28th, 29th & 30th.
Houston: May 2nd & 3rd
Dallas: May 4th
Palm Beach: May 6th & 7th
Washington, DC: May 14th & 15th
Chicago: May 16th & 17th
Boston: May 18th & 19th
Atlanta: May 21st & 22nd
New York: May 23rd & 24th