Speaking as we have been in recent weeks about what to wear outside of a suit – and indeed what to wear with jeans – I thought it interesting to show this Cleverley client, Jason Statham, wearing bespoke chukka boots with jeans recently on Jay Leno.

If you like handmade or benchmade shoes, but rarely wear formal clothing, then a boot is a good option. You get all the beauty and benefits of bespoke but without the formality. Other good options are suede shoes or slip-ons.

Indeed, with bespoke slip-ons or boots, you get the added bonus of great fit around the ankle – something that can be very difficult to find off the shelf. As with the waists of jackets and knitwear, the ankle on a shoe is often made a little bigger than the average man requires because he may not notice if it is too big, but certainly will if it is too small.

Nice shoes, and great with jeans. Jason’s outfit overall is also pretty good, with a casual-weave jacket in the pale grey we were discussing last week. Most men would benefit from a collared shirt underneath it, however, rather than crewneck knitwear.

Photos: John Park