A reader commented recently that it would be nice to feature a few things on the blog that were more affordable. Well one thing that is certainly affordable for most men is a good wallet – and given that he will use it many times a day, it represents a good return on investment.

There are only a few quality aspects worth considering with leather goods: the type of leather, the type of stitching and (to a lesser extent) the finishing of the edges.

Leather can be a matter of personal taste, but stitching is always better by hand, as the saddle stitch is stronger than anything that can be done by machine. 

One company that does good hand-stitched leather goods is Chester Mox of Los Angeles.

A small, family-owned company, it makes everything by hand and to order. It’s worth using your imagination when looking through the range of products on the website, therefore, and the excellent blogis another good source of inspiration.

I trialled one at the end of last year and it has done very well. It will particularly suit those that like more casual accessories, given the thicker Horween leathers used most widely by the company. Recent additions to the range include Horween’s Essex – a calf leather put through the cordovan tanning liquors – and Ilcea antique calf (below; some readers may recognise it).

Wallets from $60.