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Hi Simon,

First of all, thanks for sharing your insights – there’s not much like this out there and it’s very helpful.

Secondly, a request for advice. I’m getting married and am thinking about a bespoke suit for the wedding. I know the basics of what I want but my question is: how on earth does one choose a tailor? The whole process is slightly intimidating and it’s not easy to get an idea of the difference between the house shapes of, say, Kilgour, A&S, Poole and Norton by looking at websites etc. Even walking up and down the Row doesn’t help too much, as most tailors don’t have many examples of their completed work on site. And it’s quite a large sum of money to consider spending when it’s so hard to understand who to go to.

Any help gratefully received!



Hi Simon,
Many thanks for sharing this post. Eventually, as you may guess, you have replied to a previous query with this one!

Charlie Simpson

Just started following your blog, you have some really interesting and informative articles on here. I’m trying to start up my own British men’s lifestyle blog, needless to say there’s lots of inspiration here!
Thanks, Charlie