This is the 1000th post on Permanent Style. In the past five-and-a-half years I have written about having things made at 20 different bespoke tailors, 6 bespoke shirtmakers and 2 bespoke shoemakers. But looking back over the most popular posts, it is clear that practical advice is what most people want most of the time. 
Interestingly, those old posts live on as readers find them with efficient search engines and pose new questions. Perhaps this is a body of work, after all.
The top five posts of all time are:



And you can find links to all those tailors here:
Image: A Kiton combination from A/W 2013. Photo by Luke Carby
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Daniel Ireson

Congrats Simon. Always a great source of advice and entertainment. I wish you 1000 more succesful posts.


Congratulations Simon, and keep up the great work. Here’s to another 1000!


Hi Simon,
Bravo! 1000 posts already? Amazing!
I have found their rating very instructive as to the taste and scope of interests of PS’s readers. To me however, the second and the third have played a critical role in the way I have come to assess my wardrobe and envision to build upon it. Yet, I am mystified by the fact that “The Philosophy of Michael Drake” hasn’t popped up in that context.
As to your blog, among its obvious positive features, I think that it has also come to be of great interest to many of us, thanks to the importance of interaction with your readership you have managed to maintain over the years.
Best wishes,


Absolutely! It was a great idea for having thought about it! Look, there are numerous posts of the highest importance to those who are seriously thinking about upgrading their wardrobe.
I think PS is really informative, with a wide readership in mind, hence its success.
I’m now to type “Permanent Style + Mohair” and see what will pop up!…


Yes, it is a great post, Simon.

Niels Østergaard

Congratulations! As a daily reader I am very pleased with your blog, which offers me great inspiration for my own daily wear. I am looking forward to the next 1000 posts.


IMO, far and away the best menswear journalist; among the very most knowledgeable… Great taste sans ego, an unpretentious writing style, and passion for craft and artistry.
Permanent Style has done more to inform my sensibilities than any other site.
Looking forward to the next 1000.


Well done,and you posting means that we no longer need to listen to James Sherwood! A real blessing!

Jerrell Whitehead


Congratulations on the posts and I hope that you will not disappear on your readership any time soon. For a man seeking menswear advice, you come ahead of Esquire’s Big Black Book.

My favourite posts were your series on Cifonelli!


Simon, I discovered PS almost a year ago now, right at the beginning of my menswear odyssey, and it continues to be one of my biggest sources of influence. Whilst many of the products featured are well out of my financial reach, the stories behind the craftsmanship are fascinating and the practical articles and reader question features (of which one was in response to myself) provide conscise, solid principles off of which to build a wardrobe. As mentioned above, your willingness to engage with your readership is what makes the blog stand out.

Congratulations on reaching the 1,000 post mark, and I raise a glass to the next 1,000.


El Aristócrata

My congrats.
That is very impressive.