The finished leather jacket. This bespoke project from Gieves & Hawkes has progressed quite quickly compared to tailoring, but it still feels like an age since Davide and I first conceived of the idea. Most of all, there is the sudden, surprising impact of seeing it. Filled with nervousness; asking, do I like it?

Yes, absolutely. The fit is great, the leather turned out well and I’m pleased with our overall choices on style. With each I had some concerns though. Let’s do each in turn.

The fit to the body, shoulders, sleeves etc is perfect – for a tailored piece. But it feels strange as a blouson or short jacket because this is not how they are normally fitted. They are tight around the hips, with a buckle or couple of poppers to allow you to fit it snugly. The jacket then expands from there, comfortable it its roomy body.  

This jacket just ends at the hips. It is not tight, it is not snug; it just ends. I don’t think this looks strange from the outside, but it feels odd.

Second, the leather. I was a little unsure of it when I first saw the jacket, but thankfully it is weathering well. It was a little too shiny when new, and the brown had a subtle pink cast. I’ve worn it a dozen times, rolled around in it a bit, been caught out in the rain once, and the jacket is better for it. There is some character to the hide already, with faint dappling from the rain, and the collar is no longer as precise.

Third, the style. I was initially unsure of the decision to go without pockets. We even discussed the possibility of putting them on afterwards: cutting the leather and using excess hide to make the flaps. But the style is growing on me. The clean front is dressier, and I think it looks better with flannels, linen etc as a result.

More details on the make later.