As I mentioned earlier in the year, Stefano Bemer shoes has been relaunched following Stefano’s sad passing and the subsequent tribulations. This is great news for anyone that was a fan of the man, his company and his legacy.  

As part of this relaunch the team has started working with New & Lingwood, and will be making biannual bespoke visits in the shop. The first is in two weeks, on September 26. In attendance will be my old friend Tommaso Capozzoli, agent and (for the evening) polishing expert, CEO Tommaso Melani and Filippo Parri. The latter two will handle bespoke commissions, fitting and measuring.

The event will be marked with a champagne reception in the evening. It is not a public event, but I have 10 tickets to offer to Permanent Style readers if they would like to come along. The first 10 to email me at [email protected]will be allocated the tickets.

(Above, my fitting in Florence awaiting its trip over to London.)
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