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Cleverley is having a last-minute sale on Wednesday, selling off bespoke shoes that weren’t picked up, were made in the wrong colour or for whatever other reason (other than quality) were never sold. 

Cleverley bespoke2

There are 25 models available, in a good range of sizes. The models shown here are size 10, 8.5, 9.5 and 7, from top to bottom. They range in price from £500 to £1000 depending on the material, down from £2800 to £4800.

Readers will remember that I bought a pair in such a sale a few years ago, and they have done me proud. The sale will last one day, 8am to 9pm on Wednesday, December 18th. Good luck.

Cleverley bespoke

Cleverley bespoke3


Photos: Luke Carby

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Butterfly loafers are awesome


I went to inquire about this today and they informed me that the only shoes for sale would be bench made shoes. I double checked with the guy but he was pretty clear.. Maybe I spoke to the wrong ? Any ideas?


Hmm, I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed by this. Obviously lack of communication with the shop keeper. I’ve been to Cleverley’s a few times because the shop is so attractive but can’t say I’ve ever left feeling satisfied..

Oliver Gibson

All of the shoes I and others tried on in the shop were from their bespoke range!


what time does it start?

Oliver Gibson

Thanks for the heads up Simon, I picked up some lovely bespoke brown crocodile loafers with custom shoe trees. Please do let us know when they hold another one of these.

For those interested at 8am this morning the tiny shop was packed with 6 people and the phone was ringing off the hook (they were not picking up!).


Simon just a quick note of thanks for flagging the Cleverley sales. After reading your piece on them last year I bought a pair of ‘off the shelf’ from them. I popped in on Monday and enquired whether any stock was left. All the ‘normal’ sizes were gone but having 12-13 sized feet I was given the choice of 4 pairs, including a lovely full bespoke pair of semi brogues in black that are now mine! I paid c17% of the original price….lovely! Wore them Christmas Day to start the wearing in process, very comfy and I have no doubt will be the best shoes I will own…..