Drakes tie sale

Those of you with long memories will have fond recollections of the annual scrum that was the Drake’s Christmas sale at the old factory. After a brief stay at the Music Rooms, the sale is now being held at the new factory on Haberdasher Street, and there is a much wider range of stock available, from knitwear and throws to shirts and Mackintoshes. 

The sale goes on for the next three days, but there were already people queuing at 9am today, so get there today if you can. Discounts mostly 60%-70%, with ties down from £115 to £35. 

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Picked up a few bits and pieces – mostly as presents. A bit disconcerted when I got home to find one of their ties is 54% viscose, 31% silk, 15% polyamide. OK this was the sale, and it’s a lovely tie to look at, but at full whack that would have been £115 for a polyester tie which doesnt impress me too much.

Shaya Green

I know the exact tie you are talking about. It’s the same as this one here: http://www.mrporter.com/product/373930

Not sure why they use that fabric but it feels like a very fine cotton.


Thank you so much for the notice. I read your post on Thursday at 4.10pm and i shot down there. I was not notified of the sale despite being on their mailing list – this is now the second time this has happened! Once again i added my name to the list but must really thank you for the notice.

On the negative side your ‘tip off’ cost me dearly as once in there i picked up far too much but then, seeing it as a saving (my way of justifying the spend) i walked away delighted with the purchases

Many thanks and keep reminding us in future just in case i get missed off the list again.



I went there on the last day and I honestly have to say I just couldn’t find anything I really wanted, I know 35 is reasonable but they are just going to have to even lower the price more if they want to shift all the ties, scarves, pocket squares, jumpers off… Ede and Ravenscroft outlet sale was impressive 25 pounds for any trousers and 15 for a tie was more idea… than the drakes one tbh

Bertie Wooster

Hello Simon…surprised to find out that their Italian pocket squares do not have hand rolled edges…only the English made silk ones do. Arent good pocket squares meant to have hand rolled edges…and that too from a well known house like Drakes

Many thanks


Hi Simon, do you know if Drake’s still do their annual Christmas sale given that they also do a factory sale in the summer?