Turms shoes

Turms is an Italian company that many associate with Belfast. Why? Because the producer of shoe-related products has a policy of only selling to physical shops – not purely online stores. One of its stockists is The Bureau, a lovely shop in Northern Ireland, and because The Bureau also sells through its website, it is the top result for any search for ‘Turms’.

Turms shoecare

Turms shoe polish

Turms is not Irish. It is a small family company in Montegranaro and it makes some original and beautiful shoe products. I met Samuele from Turms at Pitti this year, having admired the products previously, and it was then that he informed me of the company’s policy.

“We like to develop a strong relationship with a company – someone who understands our product and is as passionate about it as we are,” he said. While the phrasing may be familiar, the resulting policy is not.  

Among my favourite Turms products are the travel shoe trees – with brush and polish built in – and the penny loafer-inspired shoe kit. The latter is (to use a word that rarely appears on these pages) cute.

Turms shoes2
Turms shoe tree2

The ultimate, however, is the shoe rack built of individual glass-fronted wooden drawers (shown top). It is a modular system. Each box slots into its neighbour to produce a solid chest, so you can start with one, or two, and gradually build storage to fit your whole shoe collection.

As with all Turms products, they are beautifully made and therefore not cheap. The Bureau sells a set of 12 drawers for £2,416 (plus VAT). Even with my extensive powers of self-delusion and value-justification, I have never pushed the button. But I highly recommend them. 

Turms shoe tree

Photography: Luke Carby

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david crosbie

its pretty sure enough.. but where would you put boots? I have several pairs of Crockett ankle boots, e.g. Tetbury and Islay, which would almost certainly feel left out if I bought this unit 🙂 (not that my powers of justification would have allowed me anyway).


It all looks amazingly beautiful, I love the shine boxes and stool. Its a shame you cant buy the boxes individually.

Scott Fisher

I had the same question regarding boots as I too have several pair of boots that would be left out. Also, the closet place required would be an issue I suspect. I’m sure that many of your readers Simon have a minimum of thirty pairs of shoes,requiring three racks. Do you know the height of the twelve drawer set?

Tim Hardy

Perfect all singing and dancing shoe fanatic accessory – wonderful!


Beautiful shoe care items, but I have to concur regarding the price. Maybe one day…


Simon: I see from your ‘How I Store Clothes’ post that you acquired a Turms rack. On doing some research I found this critique of the quality, albeit only from a photo. What are your thoughts? Does it stack up?


Brian Beall

Simon, I was wondering if you had any recommendation for good wood shoe trees, for both travel and home?