edward green sale
Every year Edward Green does some kind of last-minute sale. In fact, just two weeks ago a reader asked when and where the next one would be. Well, it starts today – at the Old Truman Brewery just off Brick Lane.

The sale is in conjunction with Begg, makers of perhaps the finest scarves in the world, rather than Drake’s or Mackintosh (though remember Drake’s also now has its sale shop on Haberdasher St). Both Edward Green and Begg makers will be offering product with around 60% off. 

The sale runs from today until Sunday, with the full address and timings being:

Wednesday-Saturday 12- 8pm
Sunday 12-6pm

The Loading Bay, Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane

See you there…


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Dear Simon,

Is the bi-annual Drakes sale now on?



Hi Simon, based on your past experience, what would EG have at the sale? Odd colours / sizes / designs? products with very minor defects? MTOs where customer didn’t pick up the order? I can’t picture them offering a plain brown oxford at 60% off… Thanks


I wish it weren’t the case, but I’ve only ever found one pair of shoes at an EG sale I was willing to buy – Westminster in Lavagna suede. Every other pair I have, I’ve purchased at full price having in each case gone to the sale and found nothing.

The sale shoes are never cheap enough for me to be happy with the undesired aspects. £400 for a shoe I don’t want.


Simon, are you familar with Lanificio Columbo cashmere scarves? If so, how would you compare Begg and Columbo? I’m looking for a quality source of cashmere scarves?


Understood. So you would recommend Begg in terms of quality and design? I’m focusing on the Arran cashmere scarf because I prefer the scarf to be oversized and solid in color.


Thanks. Your original post said that Begg makes perhaps the finest scarves in the world so clearly the quality of the cashmere should be top notch as well as the design. Great information!


Popped along earlier to the EG sale… suprisingly good stock across a whole variety of lasts and designs…. cheapest is 145 on the clearance up to about 345 for something a little posher.

ive never bought a pair being a C&J / AS guy but at these prices they would be a steal

they have loads of belts at 60 quid a pop and some socks etc



Thank you so much for the EG sale information. I just purchased a Harrow hand sewn loafers in a dark brown for £345. That was a good deal.


Simon where is the best place to go to get shoes resoled (without spending hundreds as hundreds)


I bought the shoes rtw in USA, can’t send them back but they definitely befit better than timpson! Please recommend somewhere

Nigel C

I went along yesterday. Picked up a pair of Dovers in a finely textured leather. Beautifully elegant. You have to remember that you’re there for a look and if you find something you love – and you must love them, bargain or otherwise – at a good price that is a great result. If not, better luck next time. The staff were great too.


Did anyone pick up any Begg scarves?


Didn’t buy any but spoke to the two ladies from Begg who talked me through the different fabrics. Traditional patterns as opposed to any jazzy designs and the quality was very impressive. Would have purchased one had I not found a pair of Edward Greens I’ve been eyeing for some time!


Will there be an Edward green winter sale this Christmas?