Tom Stubbs, Anda Rowland, Audie Charles

A selection of pictures from our wonderful party last week at the Four Seasons in Florence, celebrating the six greats of tailoring and their pieces made for the event

Sorry I couldn’t include all of them, but shout if you see yourself! (Above, the lovely trio of Tom Stubbs, Audie Charles and Anda Rowland.)


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Nick Inkster

The gentleman with the moustache is wearing what looks to me to be a perfect coat. Do you know its origin? Thanks.


Have to disagree just a bit re the “perfect coat” comment. If you look at an enlargement of the picture, his jacket collar around his left shoulder is hanging off the back of his shirt. A jacket, particularly a bespoke one, should hug the back of one’s neck.

nick inkster

Agree that a collar should always hug the back of the neck, but any movement in one shoulder whilst the other is static will always make for inbalance. In the picture his right shoulder is moving downwards to meet the left shoulder of the other guy. So its the front of his upper chest which is pushing his shoulder up; nothing to do with his neck, I would suggest.

Guillaume Bo

Thank you Sir for choosing a pic with my friends Giovanni and Allan. Pic 10.
Sartorialy yours,
Guillaume Bo,
Men Need More style


I don’t think the click through on all the pictures is working


Hi Simon,
Thanks for sharing these pics! At least they give us a glimse at what was going on at the symposium! By the way, I love the way Krishan matched his tie, jacket and Pocket square! Well done!!!

John C

I must disagree. Matching is nothing special… anyone can do it. Being imaginative and combining less obvious patterns/colours is an art.


I can see myself!

Thanks again Simon, lovely event and nice to meet you briefly.
Disagree about the criticism of Krishan, I didn’t get a chance to speak with him personally, but observed his coat up close it fitted him really nicely. I did speak to his ‘boss’ though, Richard, a really nice guy.

You really can’t judge a fit by how someone looks on a party photo. Collars and shirts are not magnetically attracted, when your neck moves around, inevitably small gaps appear!