Edward Green duke loafer

The Edward Green pop-up sale is always a popular one – in fact a reader asked me last week when it was going to be on. 

I can’t reveal the dates until they are public unfortunately, but they now are. The sale will be held at the Truman Brewery, 8 Dray Walk (just off Brick Lane) from this Thursday.  

Times are 11am-7pm, Thursday to Saturday, and 11am-4pm on Sunday. Enjoy!

Pictured, the new Edward Green Duke loafer, which was launched at Pitti in June. Lovely, but unfortunately not in the sale…


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Hi Simon,
The design of these loafers seems to be different from that we have seen so far from Edward Green. A take on the typically French design (JM Weston)?


Thank you for providing this information, Simon. Somehow I prefer this kind of loafers for Jeans and chinos.


Thank you for the heads up, Simon. Any insight if the sale will be joint with any other manufacturers? I recall last year was with Begg and Drake’s previously.


I wanted to know if, during your “journey”, you have been very disappointed on how some of your bespoke jackets/ trousers/etc came up in the end. I realize for you it is a slightly smaller problem because you have much more projects in progress than me.
I commisioned a jacket to my tailor ( my first jacket with him) and in the end it came up “ok”, not bad by any means, but not great as I expected and as I said I’m a bit disappointed.

Harry Shipmann

Hi Simon,
I don’t suppose you know what kind of % discounts will be on offer? Luckily I am in London for the day on Friday (the first time I have ever caught a sale “window”) and I was wondering if it worth the trip across, as opposed to visiting their shop on Jermyn street.
Thanks in advance.


Might be helpful, or better interesting.
Someday ago I sent you an email with the pictures . Maybe you missed it and I can re-send the email.


This is one of the reasons why tailors never used to advertise themselves. Most of their business was word-of-mouth. It’s best to see the cut on other people first, if possible. Any Herbert can make a jkt look good on a mannequin.

That said, good communication is key. No different to trying a new barber for the first time. The price you paid will also be reflected in the final suit. The best guys are more expensive than the mediocrities. There’s absolutely no way around that.


Yes, your many posts have certainly reflected that, Simon. It’s very difficult to make a bespoke suit. Truly it is. There’s no blueprint. Each client has a new shape and new problems technically. You start from scratch each time.

An average bespoke suit is usually much better than RTW. A great bespoke suit is beyond any coherent description. Price ceases to be of much relevance.


Wonder how quiet it will be on Thursday in view of the tube strike, and the City being half empty…

Separately, Simon have you any knowledge of collarclub.com (a “shirt subscription service”)? To me it sounds like the antithesis of everything you would suggest (buying high quality shirts and self-laundering), but is perhaps an interesting idea nonetheless.


Only about 15 people in the queue as its about to open


10 min wait when I was there around noon. GY welted shoes in the £325-420 range. Unwelted loafers/slippers for £95-125.

Not a lot of UK8.5 left maybe 15-20 pairs. Other sizes more like 30. Saw one Dover in size 7, plenty of browns, not many blacks. Good selection of spectators (with white suede which no one else seems to produce RTW) if anyone is in the market.

Picked up a pair of unwelted tassel loafers for £95. Super comfy.

Zapp Brannigan

What kind of discounts were on offer?


Went yesterday morning and one of the first to be in. Tube strike must have really impacted the numbers as I was expecting a long queue. Bought a pair of boots and plain black cap toes. Edward Green shoe trees were £35 a pair so had two to go with my new purchases. Very pleased! They sold belts at £70 too.

Bill Shartner

How much did you pay for them, if you don’t mind me asking?


Shoes £325, boots £395.
These are seconds as opposed to a heavily discounted shoe they would otherwise sell in Jermyn Street. They do have a couple of odd sized firsts at £430 there too.


Made it 11.15 Thursday too, managed to pick up two pairs of Shannon boot, Newmarket boot and Piccadilly loafer. Super sale tbh

Bill Shartner

I went in at around noon yesterday: there was no queue, and there were perhaps ten other customers in the shop. There were 40 odd pairs in my size (10-10.5), all in “sensible” colours, with some lovely suede options as well. I managed to get a pair of chestnut coloured midfords on the 82 last for £195! I also nearly bought a pair of oundles for £325, but the colour was too close to my new midfords. I strongly recommend going along if you are in the area. Thanks for flagging up the sale Simon. Now, back to mirror polishing my new toe caps…..


On the topic of sales, does anyone have any idea when the Drakes factory sale is going to be this year?


Was mid-December last year so assume may be the same for 2015. That was a great sale – not only for ties but cashmere knits, scarves, shirts etc.