James Weir, Aiden Traynor, Simon Cundy, Charlie Sweeney - Henry Poole & Co
Simon Cundey of Henry Poole (third from left) with the Poole apprentices receiving their certificates: James Weir, Aiden Traynor and Charlie Sweeney

Last week was the summer party of the Bespoke Tailors Benevolent Association, which is always a nice affair. 

There’s a mix of cutters, coatmakers and cloth merchants, as well as the friends and family of apprentices receiving their Savile Row Bespoke certificates. 

This is not Pitti; there are no peacocks. Many people are in bespoke tailoring, but often without other bespoke or sartorial elements. It is relaxed and it is very social – more like a village fete than an tailoring event. 

Congratulations to all the apprentices that were awarded on the night; it’s fantastic to see so much young blood still coming into tailoring. And many thanks to Claire Barrett of Hawthorne & Heaney for her usual organisational prowess.

Pierre LeGrange Huntsman + Chairman of SRB), Cameron Buchnan - Current Chairman of BTBA, SueThomas (SRB), Philip Parker (Henry Poole & Co + SRB)
The presenters: Pierre LeGrange of Huntsman, Cameron Buchnan the current chairman of the BTBA, Sue Thomas from SRB, and Philip Parker of Henry Poole



Charie Sweeney certificate

The BTBA summer party


Dario Carnera, Huntsman
Dario Carnera of Huntsman


Dan McAngus and Davide Taub, Gieves and Hawkes
Dan McAngus of Graham Browne and Davide Taub of Gieves and Hawkes


Claire Barrett and Kathryn Sargent
Claire Barrett of Hawthorne & Heaney and and Kathryn Sargent


Oliver Spencer, Anderson and Sheppard
Oliver Spencer of Anderson and Sheppard


Chris Bull, Dionne Reeves, Vivenne Wang, Rebecca Mahoney - Huntsman
Chris Bull, Dionne Reeves, Vivenne Wang and Rebecca Mahoney of Huntsman


Simon Crompton and Tommaso Capozzoli
Me, and Tommaso Capozzoli of Stefano Bemer


Pat Bunting - Dormeuil, Pat Murphy - Davies & Son and Geoff Wheeler. - Dugdale bros
Pat Bunting of Dormeuil, Pat Murphy of Davies & Son, and Geoff Wheeler of Dugdales


(Mrs Bright*) & Robert Bright (* not entirely sure!!) - Part of BTBA
Mr and Mrs Robert Bright of the BTBA


Henrys' pencil