Polo navy

UPDATE: Only one half-button style left! It’s a large white – who wants it? NOW GONE – all half-buttoning polos sold out
(Several button-throughs remaining, although navy and white only in XL and of course no S)

Many thanks to everyone for their support with our Friday Polo project. Orders started coming in on Saturday evening and haven’t stopped. We have sold out of almost all the half-buttoning polo shirts now, the remaining stock being:

  • White, large (1)
  • Grey, small (2), medium (1)
  • Blue, small (1)

I feel I should say a little something in support of the grey colour, as it’s one of my favourites (probably second, after green). I’ve worn one the past two months and it works very well – creating a non-corporate look akin to my grey Abbarchi shirt when worn with a jacket.

We also have a good number of the button-through styles: no smalls, and white only in extra-large, but otherwise everything.

I have a button-through in navy and find it particularly good with more formal outfits, as it is less obviously different to a normal shirt. The difference is in the texture, rather than the placket stopping halfway, which is what you tend to notice first on a polo shirt (when worn under a jacket). I wear my navy with my cashmere jacket from Solito.

Finally, I’m happy to take pre-orders from anyone that would like to make sure they don’t miss out with the full production in September. Although there will be more pieces then, the way these have gone they might not last long. Just email me on the normal address stating the style and size. 

Thanks again to all. Orders will be sent out later this week.

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facebook_Calle Melin.609383855

Which address is the “normal one”? I really like this items and am sorry that i missed it in my size.

facebook_Calle Melin.609383855

I am not sure. I am a Large. I really liked the navy color of the one you wear in the pictures. It seemed like a quite light navy and not that corporate.


Simon, but that about size c xxl (58-60 euro size)?


Yes, I would like to order XXL, my size for suits is 58

David Craggs

Dear Simon,
A couple of questions:
1) How does the weave compare with the Sunspel Riviera?
2) I have to have the Sunspel sleeves shortened and will have to with yours. I have a
very capable seamstress but will she be able to do it with the detailing you’ve put on the sleeve?
3) How does your collar compare with Sunspel on under the collar performance — is it high enough & does it avoid the flattening that a lot of polos suffer from?
Thanks and regards,

David Craggs

Good – I’m in and will send you my order for the September production.


A question to David Craggs about the shortening of the sleeve length on his polos. I have been told by many tailors that they will not alter the sleeve length from the shoulder so i am interested to hear what kind of alteration David uses. Is this shortened from the sleeve head or the cuff? I personally would not shorten from the cuff as this looses certain detail and proportion – this is why all the tailors i have questioned will not do it. If Davids tailor does alter from the sleeve head can we ask for her name and address please?
Thanks – Bradley

Rob Fletcher

Alas, I come late to the party. I love the shirts Simon. Really wanted a navy one, but suspect all gone. I am 6’2”, 39-40″ chest but with relatively long arms. Usually take a 36″ sleeve length. Not sure if that makes me a medium or large from your earlier post re your measurements.

I gather all half-buttons gone, but do you have any button-throughs? If not, can you clarify the likely price and process for when the finished articles become available later in the year?

Many thanks

Graham Cohen

Hi Simon
Please put me down for pre order of grey half button in size medium.
Many thanks