No Symposium this summer. (Boooo!)

Tuesday, May 9th 2017
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We'll be taking a break from the Symposium series of talks this summer, because frankly the Style Guide and the Savile Row pop-up have just been too much. And there's another dinner to come. 

So I can finally enjoy an instalment of Pitti without having to worry about sound systems and wine suppliers.

Expect much less stressed-looking pictures, in a sunny panama and a sunny smile.



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Would you ever spend time investigating ‘alternative’ manufacturing, whether that be through outsourcing (such as whit comb and Shaftesbury) or more regional producers? I love your blog, passionately, and think that focusing on the finest does push up quality overall. I do, however, wish I could make more educated decisions whilst spending the 500-1000 mark


Someone recommended Luxire for having pretty good quality trousers the other day, ever come across them?



Perhaps it is time to do an update on Graham Browne then? That I think your readership would appreciate. Things have evolved quite a bit there qualitywise I think. And they have both their own coat making facilities and a basement workshop. Quite rare for a non-Row tailor these days.



I would second that. Would be good to have an updated piece.


See you at Pitti 🙂


Hope you enjoy some well-earned R&R! Will the upcoming dinner be another London event…?


Hi Simon. I’ve followed for a long time and, with many others, have made comments and suggestions; here is one that I think pertinent to the date (given that PS will be 10 years old in Dec!) As I read the latest posts it struck me that the fashion wheel has turned many times since 2007. I would like to suggest a series of articles (6 – 12 + perhaps) that review the changes as well as the aspects of continuity within the world of bespoke and artisnal fashion. The topics could be different (decline of High St. suit suppliers) or centred on different wardrobe aspects; suit, shoes etc. Whatever you decide I think this form of celebratory article would be welcomed. Although partly retrospective they would also point forward. For example I was fascinated to learn about Japanese office workers being encouraged to go tieless due to Fukushima; has this changed aspects of Japenese bespoke suit wear? I also think you might owe it to yourself to celebrate your writing, readership and the terrific achievement that PS is. If you are inclined a party might also be worthwhile (though the venue might have to be quite large given the readership).


I sure hope there will be many more photographs this time!


Hi Simon,

Pardon me if it’s not related to the symposium, but I am turning to your vast knowledge and unique take:

Not only one gent in the pic above showed silhouette of braces underneath unlined summer coats.

Your opinion? Solutions if any (besides going sans braces, as you do)?