Today our long-awaited shorts (by me, anyway) go on sale. They are available in two styles: a clean, smart navy and a casual, garment-washed green.

Although some PS projects have been more involved, this has probably been the longest to completion, beginning three years ago when I finally found a pair of shorts I liked, while travelling in Italy.



In my view, most brands try to put too much style into the cut of their shorts.

They are either surprisingly tapered, which is rarely flattering and often uncomfortable, or they’re big and wide, a traditional cut but again not one which suits many men.

It’s hard enough to find shorts that fit, without resorting to styles that cling to big thighs or drown skinny ones.

The PS short is a nice halfway point. A relatively straight cut, tapering slightly from the waist and ending in 4cm turn-ups.



It’s details like those turn-ups – rather than the cut – that give the shorts their character.

Both styles have two reverse pleats and the turn-ups (or cuffs), while the navy has side adjusters, horn buttons and an extended waistband.

The turn-ups I like because they give a little width and strength to the leg, without trying to do that through the cut. They are also a nice sartorial detail, like the pleats.



I usually don’t wear pleats, but these are shallow, adding only a touch of fullness (helpful with a large seat, like mine) without making the top half bulky.

I’ve tried the shorts on a few friends, and it’s interesting how the pleats help fit a greater range of body shapes – something particularly helpful when buying online.



The two styles are made in the same mid-weight cotton, but the green is garment washed to give it a more casual look.

I find this means they can span a wide range of formalities, from a shirt and loafers to a T-shirt and trainers.

They’re shown above with a grey Friday Polo and canvas trainers, but also (at top, in Naples) with a denim button-down shirt and linen blouson. 



I wouldn’t wear either with a jacket, but the navy in particular can be pretty smart.

Above it is shown with a linen button-down shirt from D’Avino, a Luca Faloni cable-knit cashmere sweater and Edward Green tobacco-suede loafers. 

It might seem odd to show knitwear with shorts, but this is often what British summers are like – even on warm days, it can be cold in the morning and in the evening (as it has been the past two bank-holiday weekends).

I also find the navy works really well with knitwear-like polos, such as the Aspesi I featured recently.

I would usually wear the green style with a belt – certainly if the shirt or T-shirt were tucked in. I haven’t shown them here with a belt just so readers can see the design uninterrupted.



As well as the different style elements on the outside, the navy and green are finished differently inside.

The navy has a shirt-fabric apron around the inside of the waistband, as on tailored trousers, while the green has a self finish and interior pocket.



Both have a coin section inside the right-hand pocket and one rear pocket on the right, fastened with a button.

The shorts were made by Italian factory Rota, who readers will probably be familiar with and make for several other high-end brands.

The make is a good level for ready-to-wear, with great hardware, linings, buttons, and finishing. A machine make, but with a high level of precision.



The shorts are available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large, equivalent to Italian sizes 46, 48, 50 and 52.

Do also remember that we offer free returns if the fit doesn’t work. Contact [email protected] to arrange a return or exchange.



Full measurements are below. As with other pieces, we recommend comparing these to something you already own to get the best idea of fit. I wear medium (48).

Size 46 48 50 52
Waist (circumference, cm) 81 85 89 94
Bottom (same) 52.5 54 55 56
Outside leg (without waistband) 48.5 49 49.5 50
Inside leg 25.5 25.5  25.5  25.5
Front rise 23 23.5 24 24.5
Back rise 36.7 37.7 38.7 39.7








In terms of alterations:

  • Both shorts can be taken in considerably at the waist, by 5cm (2 inches) at the most. It helps here that there is only one rear pocket, as large alterations won’t push two pockets oddly together. On the green shorts, such a reduction in the waist would also require the rear two belt loops to be taken off, and reduced to one, over the back seam.
  • The navy can also be taken out in the waist, by at least 3cm (1.25 inches) as there is considerable inlay there and running down the leg. However, the green cannot be taken out as this would leave lines around the old seam (as they are garment dyed and washed).
  • Both shorts can be shortened in length, at least by 5cm (2 inches). The bottom of the leg is obviously smaller than the thigh, but there isn’t much taper at the bottom. At the worst, the leg might need to be narrowed slightly as well. The green pair, however, would require the turn-up to be cut off and machined on higher up, as again there are fade lines at the top and bottom of the turn-up.
  • The navy short can be lengthened, by at least 2cm (0.75 inches) by either reducing the size of the turn-up or changing the way the turn-up is made (currently it is folded over, making three layers of material. The folded layer can be reduced.)

Other details:

  • The shorts are 100% cotton
  • They should be washed cool, at 30 degrees, and hung to dry before ironing.
  • Shipping is from the UK
  • Price (£175) does not not include VAT, as most PS customers live outside the EU. Taxes are added at checkout.
  • Available on the PS shop site here



I’m so excited to have these shorts on offer, given how much I love them and get out of them.

Do let me know if I’ve forgotten anything, or you have any questions.


Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man



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Finally there are here! May I know what the inseam of the shorts is? Thanks!


Is it possible to give the inside leg measurement? I assume what you’ve given is the outside leg which is inevitably impacted by the rise.

They look great but suspect they will be a fair bit too long given you’re over 6′ and they’re aready at your knee whereas I’m under 6′ and will need a larger than medium size which further extends the leg


How much can it be shortened? And can you provide the shortening service?


“…most PS customers live outside the EU.”

Out of interest – where do most PS readers reside? And have you noticed a change in readership over the years, as the tides of economic fortune slowly shift to different parts of the world?


They almost have a WWII British Desert Ray style to them.


Quite like these, but would prefer in a good linen. Not sure about longer extender on the navy, and don’t quite understand why the inside leg stays the sane whilst the outside gets longer with increasing waist size.

And much as i would love to, i cant like plimsoles on older people as a casual shoe. It’s a bad look, but your suede ones look fantastic.


Luca Falioni does some nice linen shorts (in larger sizes too).


These look fantastic — great work all around.

As a point of curiosity, are you wearing no-show socks with the loafers? If so, what kind? I can’t for the life of me find a good pair of socks that work with the low vamp of those loafers…

Nigel C

Pantherella does some nice low ones too. They even come in lots of jolly colours – I can’t quite fathom why though! N


I use uniqlo. Not fancy, but they are what I need. They even have little grips for the back of your heel.


Falke’s would work. Funny to talk about sock “rise” but it really does make a difference. I’ve purchased plenty of pairs that show far too much. For US customers, smartwool is also pretty good.


Great shorts! Can size 46 fit a 28-29 waist?


A size 44 would fit a 28-29 waist. Unfortunately, they aren’t available at this point. Hopefully, Simon would be able to do a run of them.


Dear Simon,

I have been waiting for these rather eagerly, they look great! Unfortunately I can’t order them as only CC is accepted as payment and I don’t have one. Is there a way to use either PayPal or the good old bank transfer instead? We’re still joined by EU bank laws so the latter is quite easy ?.

Thank you,



Interesting. Paypal is certainly expensive but do you get hit with fees with the platform you use there as well?


Hi Simon, Quick question – how happy are you with the Luca Falloni cashmere cable knit sweater? I was thinking to get one but it looks like it has quite a bit of pilling? Thx, Jan


Simon, are you a size 48 in Incotex regular (i.e. their most relaxed) chinos? For no-show socks, I’d recommend the Falke Step Invisible

Richard Jones

Both shots with the shirt only tucked in are very nice. As commented on the PS Oxford Fabric – it works well on you.


I am also using Falke ‘Invisible Step’ they are by far the best for me,. Fit, functionality, durability and even price. Since more than a decade my ‘secret’ armory for summer.


Falke’s are a disaster just dont stay on and quite expensive, I tried lots and found “Next” to be a clear winner.


These are nice shorts but wearing shorts should not be encouraged. No item of clothing better symbolizes the tragic state of male elegance than shorts. Once upon a time, not too long ago, they were not worn in cities, certainly not in the evenings and not to go out to dinner. These were the rules, even, believe it or not, in warm places like Rome . But we got fatter and fatter, with people now obese at a rate of 40%, and now shorts are all some men wear when the temperature reaches over 15 degrees. I am against them except for when on beach vacations. They make men look like boys.

lives in Suffolk

I remember reading years ago that the Bermudan diplomats eventually gave up wearing their beloved shorts when away on business. Apparently nobody would take them seriously in meetings. Imagine wearing shorts to the UN!
I think it’s a shame.
But then, I live in shorts May-September.


At one time, shorts were accepted in casual wear if you were East of Suez, or posted to North Africa. There’s a famous Apparel Arts illustration of the bar at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, showing at least two men in shorts. Otherwise, they were (and should be) only ever acceptable if you’re within 200 yards of the sea. Because next thing you know, you get this:


It’s all about context. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing a pair of clean (i.e. not the ones you’ve been sat by the pool in all day) cotton or linen shorts, along with a oxford shirt and suede loafers, to a casual dinner at a restaurant in the evenings.

If it’s a question of elegance then which do you find most egregious to delicate sensibilities – the site of a man in shorts or the prospect of eating your dinner next to a man who’s wearing a shirt, tie and blazer, but who is also sweating like a long-distance runner?


The extended tab closure with visible button seems to be gaining popularity, presumably you chose this for stylistic, rather than practical reasons? Also the suede loafers are EG Piccadilly?


Wow, these look really awesome. I so like them.


Given i come in at a 35 waist, should i go up or down? Which way will the straps take best?

Rafael Ebron

Can’t call yourself a cyclist with hairy legs. 🙂 These are nice, glad you didn’t make a khaki version, it’s overplayed in the US. The right shoes for dressier shorts is a tough choice, hard to pull off. I’m normally birkenstocks which I know is horrible but boat shoes if I have to be moderately presentable. Not sure about suede loafers.


Agree Rafael. Definitely not trainers though. That is a really bad look.

I do like the loafers. Other options would be suede or leather driver’s shoes.


I usually wear my shorts slightly shorter and slightly narrower in the leg. These do look nice though. Maybe a more urban sartorial look, rather than beach/resort wear.
I am a little puzzled by the pictures. The green shorts look nicer to me in the pictures with BD shirt rather than the polo shirt. Is this really the same? Looks lighter more faded colour in the pictures with BD shirt, even allowing for the sunlight in those pictures.


Hi Simon. I read your blog for fun and info even though I’m female. Would you (or anyone here) happen to know of a great blog about luxury wear for women? Thank you!


Just a question.

Are these shorts really worth more than twice the price of the beautiful linen/cotton shorts Luca Faloni is carrying this summer?



But I suppose my point is more about practicality in use.
If I’m wandering around Toarmina, having a coffee in a café in Padstow, or strolling through Florence in summer looking at the architecture (all of which are things are likely to be on my agenda) is it worth the extra, or should I save the money and use it to buy my lunch?


Hi Simon
Both pantherella and falke work well, with a slight preference for the former.

Nice job on the shorts and the quality is clear – unfortunately whilst understanding all your sound reasons for pleats I have an aversion to them – which is me for sure. Is it possible you might produce a flat front version in due course – love the green colour


Hi Simon
Just received the shorts in green. The halfway point (between the taper and being big and wide) as you describe, is something that is so difficult to find in a pair and these manage to get it spot on. Thank you. Cheers.


Surely its about the size of your leg, rather than Simon getting it spot on?


Hi I am a 36 inch – what size would work best? Looks like the green is a lot more casual looking with the navy a more formal look perhaps – inclined to the green but the touches on the navy are very nice!


I have received them!

The navy one has redish-brown buttons and the shirt-fabric apron of the waistband is a navy bengal-stripe though.

The green one is as on the pictures.



Just received mine as well. Same striped apron as Christos.

Also, 94 cm is normally spot on for me in the waist. With these shorts, especially the green, they are very snug. (Ordered and received size 52). Not enough to return them but enough to miss a size 54…



Is it possible to let out and widen the width of the shorts through the leg (for the olive green version)?


Do you have measurements for the thigh width? Thank you.


I just received my pair in navy – the shorts are absolutely stunning and are the best ones I’ve ever had. Pleats worked very well for me (I am on the slim part of the spectrum)
Thank you for this great product!


Purchased the green shorts a while ago and am really happy with them, thanks! Will there be a restock of the navy model (this season or ever)?

I particularly like the non-skimpy turn-ups – hard to find these days! Regarding Colour: The mid green is quite colourful and not as subdued as olive would have been. Maybe a darker shade would be easier to harmonise, but certainly would not be as summery.


I received my green pair today in size 46. The fit is more or less perfect. I often have problems with RTW trousers not fitting well in the back because of my (in contrast to Simon) not quite so prominent seat. These have no such issue what so ever. I’m really happy with them. For reference, I’m 176 cm (5’9”) and on the slimmer side.


Simon, great post as always.
Just out of curiosity, I see that the shorts you picked are just a few inches above the knee. What are your thoughts on shorter “formal” shorts? thinking something like the length of the bulldog orlebar brown swimwear.
Thanks for your time invested on this amazing site


Hi Simon,
To be honest, I did not have any clear position on that. I guess I tend to proxy long shorts with boarders, cargo shorts etc. so I leaned a bit towards the “short” side but that’s why I wanted to hear your thoughts on that.
Pictures definitely look very good and I think that a shorter short might work with a polo shirt but not sure you could pull it with a shirt the way you do it on the photos.
Thanks again,


…just for me to understand it right … so you mean that when standing the length just above the knee is appropriate for more smarter shorts and that when sitting down this length moves an inch or two above the knee. Right?

Matteo G

Ciao Simon,

as a fan of your clothing items these are the next in the line to be purchased.

As a side note, the blu jacket you are wearing in the first picture is very nice. Could you give more details on this?



Hi Simon, are there any plans to make more of the olive shorts this year (before summer)?

trung nam le

Hi Simon, can you provide us with the weight of this cotton cloth! Thank you


Doing another run this year Simon?


There is no waiting list on your website for these ones, from what I can see! Any chance to try sizing on at the pop ups in Savile?


Done and done!


Simon – been two week since I emailed support, still haven’t heard back and there is still no wait list for these. Are they in the pop up over the next 2 weeks?


Simon – I did email you 2 days ago. Without being too persistent, I am wondering if my email got through to you?


Interesting, that tells me some of my emails aren’t going through! Lucas from your side did get back in touch with me which is great.

That Ciardi cloth ended up wonderful – 4ply Ascot grey. Wear it all the time. There was no need to worry on that one, ha.



I wonder where you keep “your stuff” during summer months. With stuff I mean cell phone, keys, credit cards and eventual sun glasses maybe something extra like a pen or a small power bank. Where would you put that if you wear your PS shorts and the PS overshirt?