Come to the Japanese Bespoke Symposium – in Tokyo

Thursday, May 2nd 2019
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For all readers in Japan - or who happen to be travelling there next month - you are cordially invited to our first Symposium event in the country.

The talk will take place on Wednesday, May 22nd in the Quartz Gallery, Shibuya, and will discuss the rise of Japanese bespoke menswear.

We will debate why Japanese bespoke has grown so much in recent years, whether it is now the best in the world, and how it will develop its own, distinct style.

The speakers are:

  • Yosuke Kagami, head of bespoke, Isetan
  • Yasuto Kamoshita, creative director, United Arrows
  • Kana Hirasawa, Men's Ex magazine
  • Noriyuki Ueki, tailor, Sartoria Ciccio
  • Yohei Fukuda, shoemaker
  • Masanori Yamagami, shirtmaker, Strasburgo

An amazing list, and one I'm honoured to be chairing a discussion with.

There will be drinks before, and food and drink afterwards. Please RSVP to [email protected]

Many thanks

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What do you think about suit jackets that don’t have any vents?


Hey Simon,

What are your thoughts on the Japanese tailoring industry, technique, and culture, including tailors that are not featured on the site?


Will there be a video post of this bespoke discussion Simon?

1. What is a good first color for a lambswool shawl cardigan? Cream, gray, etc? And in what shade (dark, light)? This will be my only staple cardigan, so I want to choose wisely.

2. Do you know any French/ Japanese bespoke shoemakers who would be willing to make a pair of shoes based on a last I already have? This would be MTM. I haven’t had success so far because the one house I spoke to wants to make their own last. I have the feeling this may be the case for others.

My french inspired last was made for me from an English last maker based on my measurements. It fits very well and i’ve altered the last 5 times to perfect the fit. If I start with a fresh bespoke order, I know it won’t fit me as well as this one and will be pricey. I like the last I have.

3. How much of a staple are austerity brogues? Are they flexible worn casually and formally? More elegant and flexible than full wingtip brogues? I’m thinking of this as a first bespoke shoe.



Thanks Simon. Looking forward to watching the video~


Is there a way to confirm attendance after sending the email? (Should I be expecting a reply from [email protected] or do I just show up at the event?)

Really looking forward to it!