Please come to the Permanent Style Anniversary ‘Open Day’

Friday, June 2nd 2023
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OK, so at the end of last year Permanent Style turned 15. We’ve been trying to think of ways to celebrate with as many people as possible, and this is the idea. 

On Tuesday, June 27th, we will have an ‘open day’ at the pop-up shop, number 20 Savile Row. All day long there will be drinks and food and music, and Jamie Ferguson will have a mini-studio where he will be shooting portraits. 

The idea is that anytime during the day, you come by and share a drink with us, to say well done, or thank you, or why the hell are you still here. We toast, we chat, and if you want you can have a great shot taken. 

In the morning there will be free coffee and pastries. At some point in the afternoon we will subtly switch to beer and the music will step up a notch. There will be a bench outside. The weather will obviously cooperate and be sunny. Everyone will be chilling out and having fun and gurning for the camera. 

That’s my hope. If no one shows up, it will just be me, Lucas and Jamie, taking turns to pose. Please don’t let it come to that. Swing by during work, during lunch, after work (we’ll be open until at least 7pm) and come help us celebrate. It would mean a lot to me. 

(We will also bring along two or three samples of products that will be launching this Autumn - mostly new colours of existing products, for a sneak peek.)


  • PS Open Day will take place at 20 Savile Row
  • On Tuesday, June 27th (2023)
  • From 10am, until 7pm (or so)
  • As well as coffee, pastries, beer and wine, water and non-alcoholic drinks will be available throughout
  • Completely up to you whether you want a portrait or not. I know some will like it
  • I promise to not try and corral everyone down to something similar for at least another five years

Thank you!


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This sounds like a great idea. I wish, I were based in London.

Aaron l

Me tooooooooooooooo!!!! Probably to expensive to fly. Probably….




I would of course love to go but can’t make it from Stockholm that week. All the best for a job well done and to an even better-looking future!


Congratulations on the milestone Simon – I didn’t even realise, and I’ve been a reader from the beginning!
Unfortunately no trip to London planned that week, so will raise a glass to you from Sydney, by way of celebration. Good luck with it, sounds like a fun day ahead. What will you wear?!


I wish I could come, but from Germany this is not feasible this time!

Peter Hall

Is there a dress code? Will there be party hats and goodie bags to take home?

Sadly, I am in Barcelona ,but thanks for everything all of you do and I will raise a glass (or two).


Ahh Simon, if I could make the trip across the Irish Sea that week, I would, however tied up at the moment. Would love to share a drink, will get the chance eventually.

I’ll take this opportunity to again say a big congratulations on the milestone. Although I can’t claim to have been reading from the start (think it’s about 4/5 years now for me) I truly appreciate PS as a safe, comfortable, informative and just plain cool corner of the universe. Please continue to elevate the platform, with your beautiful products, coverage and fantastic writing.


15 years ! Congrats !

I think for the best part of more than 10 yrs I’ve been reading your blogs.
The result ….. an ‘informed customer’ who’s done his my fair share of upsetting pseudo-bespoke tailors !!

You’ve taught me what to look out for , what to ask etc . In doing so it’s surprised me how ‘touchy’ tailors get . And the frown when I say “Simon Crompton says …” LOL !!

Thank you. Thank you . Thank you !!

Stephen S

Hi Simon. What a great idea. I really wish I could join you, however I am on holiday. I wish you all well on the day. I’ll be with you in spirit(!) and will raise a glass from Greece.
All the best.

Simon Chambers

Congratulations on 15 years! I wish I could swing by the open house day, but “swinging by” would involve a trans-Atlantic flight… Perhaps one day I’ll get there in person to meet another Simon face to face 🙂

Simon Chambers

I’ll be sure to reach out next time work takes me to Londo!


Hey Simon,
What a lovely idea and well-deserved plaudits for the emancipating space PS has become. Polishing my Aldens (imaginary) and stepping up my beauty regime for that once-in-a-lifetime Jamie Ferguson portrait!


I’m pretty sure you three guys will not end up drinking the beer all by yourself. Unfortunately, based in Stockholm, I will not be able to come to the party, but I am visiting London the following week. Will the pop up-store be open then (3-9 july)?


Fantastic idea! Your readers in the United States will raise our glasses to you and the crew for a job well done! Many thanks for the superb education on all matters sartorial.


congrats on reaching this milestone simon:
with so many readers sending regrets, the only obvious solution is to have a similar event in new york…soon.
looking forward to another 15+++ years.


Can you believe it!
I’ll be in London on the 27th – my first day there on a visit from South Africa – how the planets have lined up for me. So look forward to meeting you all, and congratulations!

Charles Leerhsen

Congratulations! Wish I could make it from Brooklyn but I do enjoy your great writing and style.


Great timing – i’ve got tickets for Lords on the weds so i just booked a flight back in that day. i’ll see you there!

Felix Sylvester Eggert

Hey Simon,

not sure if I’ll be able to make it, but it really sounds like an awful lot of fun!
Any hint on which brands will be at the pop-up?

Matthew V

See you there!

(15 years – well done)



Simon – lovely idea.

I would love to come but would overthink what to wear.

Perhaps I can wear one of my favourite jackets, originally made for you.


Good afternoon from new york..congratulation to 15 years..keep going and do not stop…June 27 will be a smash hit ..when my daughter worked for the big library in nyc she created an event called “the book swap”..she asked for my response was it will be a smash hit…the place will be packed….it was….June 27 will be a big event….your many many admirers of you and the permanent style have already circled their calendars…they will be there…..enjoy your weekend..much peace..CHEERS


Hi Simon! Congratulations – time flies. Will be there to say hi. Regards H

Dan James

Sounds fantastic and wish I could be there but on the other side of the world. I’m sure it will be a wonderful day.
Thank you for all that you have done and still do. I haven’t been following you for 15 years, more like 4 or 5. After finding P.S. while looking for the ‘ties you should have’ (navy grenadine), I have constantly come back to learn more about clothing than I ever thought possible. Here’s to the next 5 years and more.


Hi Simon,
A great idea! Such an event is potentially conducive to a better impact of PS work on its readership and the various crafts that supply our tastes, wants and needs.
For all those who could attend it, bear in mind that’s the kind of great opportunities to connect with like-minded fellows making history in the menswear industry.

Randy Ventgen

Too bad I’ll be arriving on the 29th, first time in seven years.


Hi Simon
Big congrats on the landmark.
Im not in menswear, don’t know any other readers (or you!) – but will still pop down to raise a glass to your success & toast the meandering enjoyment you’ve given to me & many others over the years. Hope it’s been equally enjoyable for you.
15+ more to come please.


Hi Simon – it’s been a long while since I’ve posted, but here it goes:

I was thinking about your open day and the notion of pop-up-shops when I was watching the old sci-fi film Logan’s Run (which is set in an actual 70s fashion mall in Dallas).

I had no idea that this place existed (and still does). It is over 1,100,000 square feet of dedicated exhibition space for buyers and exhibitors. It’s called Dallas Market Center, Apparel Mart.

The YouTube video from 1970 interviews buyers who say things like: Dallas now has it all under one roof. There is no longer any reason for me to go to New York or San Fran or Europe.

I think Chicago has (or had) a similar Apparel Building, but nothing of this scope and size (everything’s bigger in Texas).

So, it’s no pop-up, that’s for sure, but it’s a behemoth and a beacon of fast fashion, high fashion, and everything in between. Or, at least was, in 1970. Ain’t that America?


Hi Simon,
What a fun initiative! I will be in London that week but unfortunately from Thursday rather than Tuesday. Will the pop-up be open all week and do you plan to extend some of the Tuesday activities (such as the portraits which sound fun) to the rest of the week?


Oh yes, I can’t wait to some and say thank you.


Sadly I won’t be able to join. I have enjoyed this blog for most of those 15 years and would have loved to help you mark this milestone. I hope many people take the opportunity to come down and celebrate. Congrats in advance.


Congratulations Simon, I do hope to be there but I’m away in Madrid two days letter so it’s a squeeze, but Lord knows I will try. I’m sure it’ll be brilliant!

Nuchaek Ryan

Congratulations. Sounds great. Wish I was there. Good luck with the party.


Just booked the flights to London. Really looking forward to the event and the pop up store.


“The idea is that anytime during the day, you come by and share a drink with us, to say well done, or thank you, or why the hell are you still here.”
I am in the US, with no June travel plans to the UK. So I will just pop in here to virtually say, why the hell are you still here?
Just kidding. Long time reader, and the info you shared, and keep writing about is invaluable. I particularly like the seasonal cloth analyses.
Cheers, well done, and thank you. 


Just booked a flight- See you there!


I’ve never been to London before and I was thinking about what to wear… Here in Copenhagen, usually anything above 20 degrees means “the lightest clothes you have”. And the forecast for next Tuesday says 25 degrees in London… Should I also consider the lightest clothes in that temperature?

Alf Billingham

Congratulations Simon, although a relative latecomer to PS I always look forward to your latest thoughts and observations. A quality post and looking forward to many more.


Arghhh why can’t I be in good ol blighty on this day? Thanks Simon for all your great work and I’m sure loads of gentlemen here will agree that you are doing God’s work out here, here’s to another 15! Cheers mate!

Felix Sylvester Eggert

Simon, I’m also very inclined to come, as I’ve found a reasonable priced flight.

Do you, Simon, or anyone else have a tipp where’s a good place to leave hand-luggage for a while? Before I come to the party I’d like to visit a couple of shops and I’m not keen on carrying my bag along all the time.

Felix Sylvester Eggert

Thanks Simon, very kind. Just booked a flight, excited to see y’all there!


Hi Simon, congrats on the 15 years ! wish you many more ! Is there a dress code or a recommended one?


I’d love to pop by Simon but feel quite intimidated by menswear places. This goes for everywhere not just this event. I draw great inspiration from PS and others but my outfit is likely to cost less than £100, I suppose I fear being judged.
I did muster the courage to go to Drake’s the other day but needed to dress up for the occasion. I suppose that’s all of the fun though, right?


Ed, your comment just struck a chord with me as I’ve always felt the same trepidation but you must not feel all eyes will be on you at all. This is a celebration of what PS has helped us all achieve in our sartorial journey. And you must not forget that it is the man that maketh the clothes and not the other way round. Look forward to seeing you at the event.


Congratulations Simon! Great work being done by you and appreciated by all. Keep up the good work. Cheers!


Simon and team, Huge congratulations, such a great milestone for PS!. A lot of insight about menswear i got from this page and your help when i asked a question, and i am glad to say i will pop up to the event long away from Jakarta! Look forward to see you soon!


Wish I could be there, but am too far from London. Congratulations on 15 years of your fantastic blog which I’m regularly reading – I’ve learnt a lot from it.

Richard L

It was a very nice event Simon – and especially good to meet Jamie and Lucas and thank them for all their work!