edward green oundle

The advantage of the knowledge I described yesterday is that you can find the shoes cheaper. 

Ralph Lauren is a large chain and is more inclined to reduce some shoes to shift them – it can afford the losses. Edward Green is not. The same logic applies to a certain extent in department stores – they have paid brands a certain price for the product and are then free to discount them as they wish to maximise profits. 
So in mid-January expect to find these luxury Ralph Lauren/Edward Green shoes reduced by 50%, even 60%. I picked up a pair last year reduced from around £550 to £220. They’re still not cheap, but Edward Green makes some of the finest shoes you will find. 
Down the scale, Peal & Co shoes are a little cheaper than Church’s top start with (£240) and may be reduced even more. Plus, both re-brands create their own styles not found in the shoemakers themselves. So if no styles catch your fancy in the English originals, try these American rebrands. I particularly recommend the Peal & Co black one-piece lace-up.  
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