More women are buying proper shoes these days, with Church’s recently relaunching its women’s range. Many’s the time I’ve had my attention drawn by a new pair of shoes in the Church’s window, only to discover they are a women’s design. They just look so slim and elegant. 

Anyway. To illustrate the point, here is Twiggy wearing a pair of bespoke spectators from George Cleverley back in the early 1970s. Despite only making shoes for men, Cleverley made an exception for Twiggy. And don’t they look good?
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Arctic Penguin

I for one adore a woman who does not feel put off by wearing flats, and I have more than once pondered the woman who so awkwardly shuffles to catch a bus because her shoes, be they heels or otherwise, simply are not designed to stay on the foot. Let’s hope Church’s re-launch inspires customers as well as other manufacturers.

They look brilliant. I saw a pair like that on The Woogies website.

Laurence John

i’ve done the same thing… looked at the women’s shoes in Church’s and thought ‘why couldn’t they make their men’s shoes that interesting ?’


Arctic Penguin,

I believe that the problem you observed–women wobbling in their heels–is due not to shoes’ poor design, but more to inexperience on the part of the wearer and/or poor fit. Women’s shoes, even more so than men’s, are not equally forgiving to all foot shapes, and I understand that it can take some time to learn to walk properly in heels.

Personally, I’d rather see a woman trying to look good and missing the mark by wobbling in her heels than a women not trying at all by wearing ugly shoes (which many flats are).


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