As I’ve mentioned before, a friend of a friend runs a shoe brand called Fin’s. Great value for money, handmade in Portugal and just small enough that you’re unlikely to know anyone else with a pair (unless you happen to know Alexandra), her loafers/driving shoes are pretty comfortable and come in some nice pastel colours.

Fin’s, apparently due to popular demand, has launched a new shoe – its George loafer but with a leather sole, now renamed the Marshall. Good colours too. I particularly like the blue and dark green.

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Herr Kreisel

I have the same bugbear about driving shoes that you have but was into buying a pair of Todd’s nevertheless, as they are quite nice summershoes. I will now abandon that plan and try a pair of those. The biggest problem really is the question of colour. I dig the green ones, too, but to a blue linen suit? Better sand-coulered ones? But they’ll look quite plain with cream linen. Here’s to some sleepless nights.
By the way, I took the liberty to take some pics (and ideas) from your blog for my own one in German, hope that’s ok with you. Take a look:


These are beautiful, although like Herr Kreisel I now have to decide what colour to get. The brighter colours really appeal, but are less versatile. I’m tempted by the yellow in the original collection, although I prefer the style of the marshall loafer.

Oh dear oh dear. Perhaps I shall have to buy several.


The whole celebrity chasing ethos of this brand is a major turn off. Your friend has gone out of her way to slavishly chase celebrities to wear product, she then brags about the celebs who wear the product, she blogs about celebs wearing the product — it’s so cheesy. Maybe this strategy will work and wish her the best, but it turns my stomach. I like brands that don’t need a celebrity to justify them.


Dear Simon Crompton

I recently just bought a pair of driving shoes/ penny loafers in dark brown/ “espresso” suede. Never actually liked such shoes… But now I’m quite fond of them due to both the comfort and looks. Especially combined with navy/ dark blue pants. The only thing I’m not sure of is whether or not to wear socks (black)? What’s your opinion on this topic as to wear or not to wear socks with loafers? Personally I dislike the look of men’s legs and I’m not very tan as I’m Scandinavian.

Best regards

kevin the loafer guy

wow, those loafers really looks nice. i particularly like the dark green.

Kwame Graham

love it


Poor quality. Mine fell apart!



Would you still recommend these?



Thanks Simon. Are they even still in business? The website seems to be down.

And time does fly, I think that was one of the first posts I read on your blog!



Hey Simon,

I know this is quite an old post but website link to shoes doesn’t work anymore.