Two opposite types at the horse show

Esquire, July 1934: “They hold these things all over America in the summertime, particularly in the country fair regions. We guess the guy on the right didn’t know he was coming to this one. Probably he just happened to be here on his summer vacation, because his clothes merely typify current fashion for any resort or country place.

The silk suit is worn without a vest. The shirt is of brown patterned white oxford with a wide spread collar. The tie is of rough shantung. The black saddled shoes are of white elk.

Now the other fellow, he’s horsey, like young Renny in the Jalna books. He wears a tan linen riding sacque with slanting flap pockets and ten-inch side vents, grey checked white flannels, a blue foulard bow tie with white polka dots, a blue felt pork pie hat and brown reverse calf shoes. There will be no prize whatever for guessing which one drives the Begatti.”

I like the riding enthusiast’s desert boots, though no mention of them is made here. I also like the silk suit, but maybe a silk mix would be safest.
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Herr Kreisel

And he’s wearing purple socks (at least they look purple on my screen, which looks great). If they are a deep blue to correspond with the hat, he’ll nevertheless gets an thumbs-up from me!


So which one drives the Begatti?


Certainly the gentleman standing on the seat drives the Bugatti, because the other gentleman is not taking off his jacket to engage him in fisticuffs.