Father and sons foregather for Harvard

Esquire, June 1953: “There’s a shoht cheeyah for Haahvuhd in both these costumes, although in basic detail they are both right for both sides of the embattled lines that draw up in New London to watch the Harvard-Yale classic. Anyway, papa’s carnation is Harvard red, and there is a Cantabridgian cast to the colour scheme of son’s accessories. Yale men may solve this dilemma by substituting a blue cornflower for the Harvard red carnation – and so on throughout.

The younger man’s outfit consists of a gabardine suit, with waistcoat left home, a white oxford button-down collared shirt, hound’s-tooth cotton tie, horizontal stripe lisle hose, white buckskin shoes with red rubber soles and heels and a sennit straw. The other outfit has a grey flannel jacket, white cricket cloth slacks, broadcloth tab collar shirt, guard’s tie of the Royal Artillery, combination last sports shoes and a brown snap brim hat.”

There we go with buckskin again, and coincidentally the tennis shoes we featured a while back were in nubuck (though lined in red, rather than soles of red). Elsewhere, I love the idea of wearing my grey flannel DB jacket with white slacks. Don’t get that many days bright enough in rainy London though…
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Lou Fiasco

This is without a doubt the best blog i find in months/years.
There’s no other way to dress.
Keep up the good work.