For town wear during the warm weather

Esquire, August 1934: “Despite the fact that current fashion seems to sanction the use of sports clothes almost everywhere during the hot daylight hours, there are bound to be many occasions when you’ll want to be slightly more dressed up.

Here, for example, is an effective outfit consisting of a light-weight double-breasted flannel suit lovat green, worn minus waistcoat, with a pale blue broadcloth shirt wtih medium length pointed collar attached, a black foulard tie with purple spots, a light-weight felt hat of a very light tan that has a smoky cast (and notice that it has a black band) and light-weight brown wing tipped shoes.

When a waistcoat is not worn, a leather strap watch guard in the lapel button hole takes the place of the usual vest watch chain. Worthy of note, too, is the fact that this jacket is cut to be worn with either two or three buttons closed, a fashion that is fast gaining in popularity with well-dressed men in the east.”

The combination is a lot more sophisticated when green, blue and black with purple spots – unlike the grey and white it looks in the photo. Damn fine in fact, and I’m suddenly reconsidering that summer suit in DB rather than SB.

Also, the optional three-button closing that is usually worn as two appeals to me. It is more like the three-roll-two I usually prefer with single breasteds and harks back to the DB’s functional military heritage. The 6×2 is rakish, perhaps even a little silly, by comparison.
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