As I’m sure many of you already know, Lodger was bought by Tony Lutwyche a couple of weeks ago and the name of the company has been changed to Lutwyche & Lodger. Lodger shoes will carry on as is, but the store will now also stock Tony’s ready-to-wear suits and offer a made-to-measure service downstairs.

Tony owns Cheshire Bespoke up in Crewe, the only factory-sized producer of handmade suits remaining in England. It has featured here before, as the maker of Toby Luper’s suits under the Hemingway label, which impressed with its construction (including double-handsewn buttonholes, front and back, on the foreparts of the suit).

I’m pleased the Lodger brand will continue – its designs have been a breath of fresh air in the sometimes stodgy world of benchmade shoes. And I wish Tony all the best with his new collection.