Apologies for the frankly terrible picture of me. I had to take it on my mobile phone – you get a general idea of the fit though. Other pictures show the side buckle and hand-sewn buttonholes.
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I don’t know this for sure, but are the pockets not set a little too far forward? They seem to be very close to the buttons.

This quibble aside, fantastic suit!



Excellent post. The suit looks nice. How does it compare to your Graham Browne suits? Would you recommend Toby over GB?



Those pockets need to be re-cut. They are throwing off the balance of the entire coat.

Solomon Animashaun



Having had suits from Toby Luper of Hemingway Tailors I find that they never live up to the expectations I have had of them – he either doesn’t listen or doesn’t measure properly, things like pockets in the wrong place, collar too wide, trousers too wide, it’s just not good enough for what he charges.

With regards to price – I have a bespoke suit in a fabric from Holland and Sherry which he charged me £3,400 for – a colleague has the same fabric and was only charged £2,900 – I think he makes the prices up in his head as he goes along.

I wouldn’t use him – there are better visiting tailors out there who get it right, and have a price list

Toby D. Luper

Dear Anonymous,

I’m sorry that you felt you had to complain in this manner. I wasn’t aware of this dissatisfaction from any customer and it would have been nice to have been told about it personally. The best contact for me is [email protected] or better still telephone on 0113 200 8775.

It is hard to reconcile your complaint with the fact that I’ve never been advised of your dissatisfaction on not one but several suits.

As regards your comments made about price lists, I do have a very detailed price list for each fabric. Before posting this response I have had my bookkeeper look through my recent accounts and asked her to look for the entries described but, she has informed me that she is unable to find any that match. But this is not an easy task as I have sold many suits in Holland & Sherry cloth – maybe you would be so kind as to supply your name and your colleague’s name so I can investigate further?

I do hope that you will contact me directly, as requested. I receive a very large proportion of my clients, both in the UK and abroad, from other satisfied clients’ referrals so I genuinely wish to put what you feel is wrong….right.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards.
Toby D. Luper


An excellent, honest and refreshing response Mr. Luper. Great to see such a refreshingly open approach and I hope the complainant had the decency to contact you.