First fitting for the Rubinacci cashmere jacket, with Mariano. A fair few adjustments at this, basted stage. Dropping right shoulder slightly, shortening left sleeve (though the sleeves were a better length than any other tailor has got them first time) and squaring the neck slightly.

I was interested to see how snug the fit was at the waist – what I wanted, in retrospect, but still relatively surprising. Obviously nothing to see at this stage in terms of the work or new elements like the unlined sleeves, but it’s progressing well.

The next stages, the forward fitting and making of the chest and shoulder, will hopefully be in Naples and so may be delayed a few weeks.

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John G.

Absolutely lovely. It looks as if the shoulders on your jacket are squarer than one normally sees from Rubinacci. Was this something you specified, or am I mistaken? Also, does Rubinacci use more basting stitches than most tailors, or is that just me as well?


Love the fabric – I saw it in person last time I was at LH and it is striking.

Just one man’s opinion but this looks better on you, even at this stage, than any of your other bespoke ventures. Best of luck on the final product and be careful – its an expensive addiction.


I think the coat is a little short.Is there any room to lengthen it?


its too short

Mountain Dandy

This is great looking so far. It’s expensive, but it was made just for you and will last you forever.


Forgive my ignorance Simon, but why are there so many lines of stitching down the body of the jacket at this stage in the making process?

Cynthia Baxter

This looks sooo comfy and classy!