GQ in the UK has published an interview done last year looking at my views on style and bespoke. You can see it here.

The image gallery makes me cringe, but that was probably inevitable.

This photo: Luke Carby
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A wonderful piece. Very nice!

I, who have lived in Italy for more than 30 years, find it funny that you feel that all Italian men dress the same. Don’t all gentlemen everywhere dress the same? In our set here men wear black shoes when dressed in a suit or jacket for an evening or dinner.


Excellent article, providing an amiable and realistic assay of bespoke: you seem to have found the perfect blend of the glamour and the grit in your writing. It’s great to read articles from the perspective of an enthusiast with a realistic budget, rather than someone trying to push a ‘lifestyle.’ I’ve just commissioned my first bespoke from Choppin & Lodge; your cotton gabardine was an inspiration. Thanks for a great read!

Frith Street Post

That’s a great article Simon, a wonderful story of your own journey and containing some extremely useful advice. Bravo!


That is an informative interview, thank you for sharing.
If I had been the interviewer I would also have asked you where your interest for bespoke comes from and how/when it started.
I think the pictures are fine. The trousers you wear in the pics (and the recent ones made by S.Hitchcock) look good and have convinced me to commission some high rise trousers next time.


Hi Simon,
I have read the interview with great interest. I like your take on menswear and style, even though bespoke suits are not my thing. I also share what you said on watches. Frankly, I can’t understand why investing huge amount of money in things designed for astronauts or for F 1 runners.
The pics make you cringe? You don’t! They are all nice! I like the fourth one. Simple outfit, lovely shoes, well coordinated colors. Yes, fine, elegance simply displayed!


Great article with a lot of good advice!



the picture of you sitting on the stairs in a pair of grey flannels…this beautiful jacket you wear there, is that of the brownish tweed cloth you offered here as a special order some time ago?


Interesting interview.

What are the shoes on the ‘sitting on the step’ photo?

Carl Pullein

Thank you Simon for the post and the article. It was a fascinating piece. I thoroughly enjoyed the article and it gave me a few pointers as I embark on collecting together my summer attire for the upcoming hot and humid South Korean summer.


Do you know the producer or merchant of the cashmere cloth?


A really great article. The pictures are good too. Have ordered a copy of Le Snob.


congrats for this interview Simon…such a knowledgeable article…….