Simon Crompton at the Gathering

These are the first pictures from our first Permanent Style dinner, which was co-hosted with Essence Lifestyle on Monday at Club Cafe Royal – part of a series we are creating called The Gathering.

It was a really lovely event, bringing together some of our favourite people from around the UK, with a particular focus on young turks doing great things in the world of crafted menswear. 

Davide Taub Gieves and Euan Denholm Edward Green at the Gathering
Davide Taub of Gieves & Hawkes and Euan Denholm of Edward Green


Thomas Gaziano at the Gathering
Thomas Brunschwig of Gaziano & Girling


Community, or coming together, was the key theme – as it has been at other recent events. It was interesting seeing Alice Walsh of Alice Made This talking shop with James Deakin of Deakin & Francis, for example. Both make cufflinks and other men’s accessories, but in completely different ways with completely different aesthetics. I believe a visit to the historic Deakin & Francis facility was arranged. 

It was nice to hear some of the cutters say how much they liked seeing each other. Davide Taub of Gieves & Hawkes and Michael Browne of Chittleborough & Morgan, for example, get on very well and have a lot in common. But even though they work a few doors apart, they’ve only spoken a handful of times and never at such length. 

Sophie Gordon Kilgour at The Gathering
Sophie Gordon of Kilgour


It turned out that Sophie Gordon of Kilgour and Claire Barrett of embroiders Hawthorne & Heaney went to school together, but hadn’t seen each other in four years. Even Luke (Carby, photographer) had a connection there. 

It may be a small world, but everyone is either sitting in a basement or flying back and forth to Italy. 

Everyone enjoyed answering your questions by the way – thanks for sending those in. You will see the responses in the official film, which will be ready in a couple of weeks.

James Deakin of Deakin and Francis at the Gathering
James Deakin of Deakin and Francis talking to James Priestley and Davide Taub


Adam Rogers of RIchard James at the Gathering
Adam Rogers talking to Daniel Wegan of Gaziano & Girling


Davide Taub Gieves at the Gathering
Davide Taub does his interview for our film


The attendees were:

  • Michael Browne, Chittleborough & Morgan
  • Euan Denholm, Edward Green
  • Elizabeth Radcliffe, Levi’s
  • Alice Walsh, Alice Made This
  • James Deakin, Deakin & Francis
  • Thomas Brunschwig, Gaziano & Girling
  • Claire Barrett, Hawthorne & Heaney
  • Davide Taub, Gieves & Hawkes
  • Sophie Gordon, Kilgour
  • James Priestley, Drake’s, Mackintosh and Joshua Ellis
  • Daniel Wegan, Gaziano & Girling
  • Adam Rogers, freelance illustrator and tailor
  • Oliver Trenchard, Anderson & Sheppard

Plus of course myself, Luke Carby and the guys from Essence Lifestyle, who co-hosted the evening. Credit goes to the them for the photography. 


Elizabeth Radcliffe Levi's at the Gathering
Lizzie Radcliffe, Levi’s


Ollie Trenchard Anderson & Sheppard
Ollie Trenchard, Anderson & Sheppard (prepped for interview)