Interesting news, that Huntsman has been sold to women’s couturier Roubi L’Roubi (pictured above with Huntsman general manager Peter Smith and head cutter Pat Murphy, left and right).

Roubi will be the new creative director and has already said he wants to give Huntsman more of a leaning towards women’s tailoring, and look to refocus the ready-to-wear and made-to-measure services as well. He bought the company from the previous shareholders with his business partner Pierre Lagrange, pictured below.

I’ve met Roubi before, at the Golden Shears 2011 competition. He was very nice and seemed to have a genuine passion for bespoke tailoring (which not all judges necessarily have). Let’s hope it only means good things for Huntsman.

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You would think Mr Lagrange would have taken the time to straighten his tie!


Absolutely. He should have straightened it and look far more dapper indeed


Huntsman being sold? is it that time of year already?

Steven Phythian

Good Morning, sad news really. Leaning towards womens tailoring? Let’s just hope they don’t rely upon the business to revolve around women’s tailoring. It seems to be going along the Gieves route. They should stick to what they know best, rather than change everything.
Kind Regards


RIP Huntsman
sad news

Matt Spaiser

Women’s tailoring? Does this mean that they want to make their men’s clothing like women’s clothing too? It seems like all the fashion companies these days cut men’s clothing the same as women’s, with too much waist suppression, a jacket length above the rear and skin-tight trousers that don’t take into consideration the male anatomy.


What does this mean for Budd? They are no longer referenced on huntsman’s website.


I think you’ll find that Lagrange and Roubi are more than just business partners Mr. Crompton.


None of the three men pictured look like a good advertisement for Savile Row tailoring


A real Tragedy. I bet already that all talented and dedicated people who work at Huntsman will now be sacked and replaced by “yes” people.