I’ve been in Jodhpur, India for The Rake this past week at a Royal Salute polo event.

Polo, of course, has given us more iconic pieces of menswear than any other sport, from the polo shirt to the polo neck, the polo collar to the polo coat. There are the jodhpurs named after this city, as well as the jodhpur boot and the chukka boot. Plus, what we know as the ‘Nehru’ jacket was invented in Jodhpur for wearing after polo matches.

Certainly all the polo players, their family and associated supporters wear the look very well. Drill cotton breeches, sharp polo shirts and well-worn boots (knee-high, with zipped fronts to hide the laces, rather than the ankle boots we know as jodhpur boots). And after the match, the bandhgala (Nehru) jacket goes from pitchside to evening gala, worn with an ascot and a pocket handkerchief.

With my wife Maria, and one of the Maharaja’s vintage cars
Posts on the state of tailoring and general craft in India to come, plus seeing how bespoke jodhpurs are made.

As well as wearing jodhpurs, some of the Umaid Bahwan Palace guards have this interesting buttoned-in chest section to their uniforms
Making bangles from melted tree resin on the streets of Jodhpur