Anda and Savile Row Bespoke outdid themselves yesterday, at the second The English Gentleman event. Held in the pavilion of Lord’s, there were dozens of suits on display from 19 different Savile Row houses. Most importantly, many of them had spent the time and money making the suits for the models, so the fit was impeccable.

For those that have never had the privilege of visiting it, it is hard to describe the quiet majesty of the Long Room at Lord’s (above). Beautiful raised chairs, enormous sash windows, with a few other spectators and a white picket fence between you and some of the best sport in the world.

Highlights among the suits included Chittleborough & Morgan’s peaked-lapel worsted grey, and the Anderson & Sheppard linen worn by everyone from John Hitchcock to Dougray Scott.

Indeed, for all the shimmering styling of the suits on the models, some of the best dressed were the guests, with Michael Browne of C&M wearing his navy seersucker and both Anda Rowland and Audie Charles from A&S in beautifully coordinated outfits. If anyone wants to know how to wear tailoring without appearing stiff, look no further than these two when they’re in a jacket. 

For all the pictures from the event, see The Rake website

Photography: Luke Carby
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I was wondering if they can do better than last season at Spencer House. And yes, It was a really beautiful event.

My favorite was Michael Browne of Chittleborough & Morgan wearing his beautiful navy seersucker.

I liked your jacket. It was Liverano & Liverano ?


Hi Simon,
Thanks for this quick review. Apparently, there is a renaissance in the menswear industry underway in London. There are already enough signs indicating the move. We are going to witness amazing things in the near future!


Hi SImon,

Would you happen to have a picture of Michael’s seersucker suit?


sounds great looking forward to it


The suits and shirts and ties they are worn with are absolutely gorgeous. I love how this shows that Savile Row can do contemporary style just as well (probably better) than the fashion brands.

I take it this was a one-day thing only?


Hi Simon,
I have just gone through the pics of the event you reported above, and also taken a look at the list of the Houses envolved and read few interviews.

To Kathryn Sargent the following question was asked:
“What does The English Gentleman Wear?”
Her reply:
“He knows the tried and trusted classics of men’s clothing yet puts them together in his own individual way to compliment his own true style, wearing the right outfit for the right occasion.”
You attended the event. In light of what you saw and the pics available on the website, and in respect to the notion that a right outfit were adjusted to the right occasion stated by Kathryn (and many others for that matter) do you have any thoughts?
I ask you this question because I am little bit mystified by I what I have seen, and hence just want to understand how “outfit” and “occasion” are related in this specific case.
Thanks in advance for your reply.


Hi, Sounds appopriate indeed. Thanks. John



Wondering why you haven’t done a feature on the fashion of the Greatest Game. Agreed it might be white flannels and not much else (on the Test arena and none of this T20 nonsense, mind!). But there are some nifty blazers and great accessories that go with the game. If something could be written about for Tennis, wont it be fitting to write about the game on whose grounds the rules for Tennis were written?



Hi Simon,
i like a lot the light weight double breasted suit in light grey, in what type of fabrics was it made?

Claude Carpentier

Good ay Simon,

I absolutely love the weaving and colour of the fabric of that light grey double breasted suit with the pink tie (glass of scotch). Any idea where I could get my hands on it ?