When it’s sunny, wear white. My latest column for We Are The Market considers the problems with wearing elegant, summer clothing when the British weather is inconsistent, to say the least.

The key is to not miss an opportunity. Today there is unbroken blue sky – plus Andy Murray’s playing at Wimbledon, the Ashes start next week, we have the favourite in the Tour and the Lions are going to beat the Aussies tomorrow. There’s a feel-good factor, and I’m in head-to-toe cream linen.

Just right for the BTBA summer party this evening.

Read the column here.

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Christopher Ashley

i’m getting my 2nd and 3rd proper suits (rather than off the peg) next march. the 3rd suit is a just for fun suit, i don’t know whether to go with a linen and make the 4th one a winter countryside rambling fun one or not. decisions decisions.

do you hold that suit ownership is like bicycle ownership? the old minimum = n + 1 rule, where n is the number of suits you own.
and the maximum = d – 1 where d is the number of suits you’d need to buy in order for your wife to divorce you in exasperation…


Dear Simon,

two years ago I stayed for holiday in Thailand and followed a recommendation for a tailor.
It was my first expirience of custome tailoring, but it was quite satisfying and only a few alteration had to be made.
In the last two years I have ordered a few more things, like a trenchcoat and peacoat as well as two additional suits and a lot of shirts.
The fabrics are totally fine and the prices are in the range of RTW suits from Boss etc.
Over the past two years a kind of friendship developed. Once a year she is visiting Europe and at this weekend she will visit me for an afternoon. I have invited a few friends to share this offer.

To cut a long story short my question is, if I should go for a linen suit, or instead for two jackets for the summer. The occasions for wearing a linen suit are rare and jackets can be worn everyday. But on the other hand, who needs an occasion for wearing a suit?
I would appreciate your opinion!



Dear Simon,

thank you very much for your advise. I followed your recommendation and ordered a navy light cloth summer jacket with half lining, patched pockets and ivory coloured buttons. I choose blue, cause it seems to be a good combination with white or sand trousers, especially with linen or chinos.
When I receive the jacket, I will send you some pictures.