Someone pointed out recently that some Permanent Style collaborations – with La Portegna, for example, or Passaggio Cravatte – have ended without any news as to how they went or the product was received.
Both of those sold out, and we sold over 100 of the Dartmoor sweaters that were the subject of a recent collaboration with John Smedley. More importantly, all seem to have been well received. I have included a selection of the unsolicited comments below.
And by the way, the Permanent Style cufflinks that I designed with bespoke jeweller Diana Maynard back in 2011 are still available – and still the best cufflinks on the market! The Hanger Project is currently stocking them, and also took some stock of the Dartmoors.
Kudos on an excellent collaboration Simon.  I am very pleased with the Dartmoor.



Hi Simon

Just to let you know that I received the Smedley Dartmoor shirt on Friday. I’ve tried it on and its absolutely fantastic. The fit is just perfect.

I’m already kicking myself for not ordering two.




Please put me down for one M polo. The slippers were great BTW. Thanks for arranging both.



Thanks, I received the slippers last week and have been using them regularly since then (giving my John Lobbs a well deserved rest). Very pleased with them and glad that I ordered two sets.



Just a short note to say thanks for commissioning the Permanent style x La Portegna travel slippers. They arrived yesterday and are just gorgeous!

With every best wish


Hi Simon,

The slippers arrived today and they are marvellous — and the fit is perfect in the XXL. Many thanks, M

Dear Simon,

I just received the La Portegna travel slippers yesterday and they are wonderful!  Buttery soft and the perfect shade of episcopal purple.  Thank you for making this project available to your readers.