[NOTE: Luca Avitabile, the cutter for men’s shirts at Satriano Cinque that I use, has split from the company and set up on his own. I recommend contacting him for any inquiries, at [email protected]]

The Italians, frustratingly, don’t tend to visit in the summer. Then again, there would be little point as their workers are usually on holiday for a month, so little work would be done on the order at home.

Two of my favourite Neapolitans, tailor Solito and shirtmaker Satriano Cinque, will be at Holland & Sherry again on September 6th and September 7th. Anyone interested in commissioning something, just having a chat, or indeed due a fitting, should contact them on:

Satriano Cinque (Luca): [email protected]
– Shirts start at €120
Solito (Luigi): [email protected]
– Suits start at €2000

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I think you have switched their offerings.

Jerrell Whitehead

Hello Simon!

Short post today, so you must be quite busy. I have a question about the blog itself – do you manage it or do you have a specialist do it for you? Is the blog using WordPress software? I am curious as I am looking at starting my own style-related blog in future. Many thanks!

Kind regards


I’ve been reading your posts for quite a while and I feel that PS will be a refuge for those that need an objective opinion, with a dash of experiential enthusiasm.


How much is just the jacket at Solito? Thinking of getting the pants from Ambrosi.

Jonas E



I’m sick of the London shirt makers in budget (and having everything made through the very best is not an option). I am intrigued by your work with Satriano. Can you help me with a few points?

1. Do they have some heavier, more durable cottons (I remember your first review said the cloth you used was very light)?

2. I’ve always been chary about fusing. Do they do unfused, or is fusing an essential part of the Italian shirt?

3. Do you know when they are next in London and what the going rate is these days?

Sorry to bombard you with questions!



Thanks very much, Simon.

Now you’ve switched over to a Neapolitan shirtmaker, have you adopted the Italian approach to cuffs (i.e. generally button cuff, with double cuff only for special occasions)?


Thanks, Simon. Booked in for the September visit.

I’ve gravitated away from double cuffs as well. For some reason I’ve grown to like the humble but simpler and more pared down button-cuff. As I think you may have written at some stage, it is also much more versatile (i.e. can work with City suits, odd jackets or with a jumper on the weekend).